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People-first insurance and financial products. That’s Beneva.

Choose Beneva. Taking care of you first is second nature.

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Our life insurance has yours covered

Life insurance is all about taking care of your family… even after you're gone.

Reimbursements in 48 hours or less

Applies to most group insurance healthcare benefits.

Courtside View for Two

You could win: a pair of tickets in the Beneva Balcony at the National Bank Open.

Beneva, what's in store?

Beneva is first and foremost people protecting people. It’s the union of two major Canadian insurers: La Capitale and SSQ Insurance. Together, they have created a new, experienced player, a gentle giant in the insurance and finance sector: Beneva.

For now, there are no changes for our members and clients. All insurance contracts will be honoured. Clients will be kept informed throughout the process. Together, we will offer our clients the experience and products they want and need. 

No. The services we offer are complementary. Our goal is to build an enhanced service offering that puts people first. 

All policies remain valid and unchanged. There are no changes for our members and clients. We will keep them posted throughout the process. 

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We like you already.

We don’t just need experts in insurance and financial services. We need experts in marketing, IT, administration and other fields. Whether you’re a student or a seasoned professional, we’d like to hear from you! 

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