Life Insurance

Term or permanent life insurance?

Not sure which option is best to protect your loved ones? Our advisors1 can help with that.

Why take out life insurance?

Planning today for your loved ones’ tomorrow

Life insurance is a tax-free amount that replaces the financial support you provided, so your family maintains its standard of living after you’re gone.

It can cover the final payments on a mortgage or personal loan, and even expenses related to your death such as funeral costs, so your loved ones aren’t left with the bill.

It also protects your business if you pass away. For example, it allows your beneficiaries to buy back your shares.

Two types of life insurance, for any situation

Term Life Insurance

This coverage is often more affordable and can be easily adapted to your situation and budget. It provides coverage for a set number of years: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 35 years, the choice is yours. You also have the option to renew your insurance after the first term.

Ideal for

  • Meeting short-term needs, such as insuring a loan
  • Maintaining your children’s standard of living and seeing to their education
  • Planning for paying off debt

Permanent Life Insurance

Lifelong protection for you and your loved ones. It offers fixed, guaranteed rates and in some cases a cash value, which allows you to benefit from additional income.

Ideal for

  • Protecting your estate
  • Leaving an inheritance
  • Paying final expenses

Good to know

You can combine term and permanent life insurance for a more tailored solution.

Term life insurance keeps pace with your life. If your needs change, you can convert to permanent insurance, no medical exam required.