Why Beneva?
Taking care of you first is second nature

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People protecting people

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People protecting people. What exactly does that mean? At Beneva it means we go out of our way to add a little human warmth to a world that needs it.

It’s re-igniting the best of who we are as people, by turning up the empathy.

It’s thinking about people first, and redefining what it means to support the community.

It’s finding common values and doing what’s right, everyday.

Caring about people means replacing the cold complexities of fine print with reassurance and pushing the boundaries of what it means to be thoughtful.

As people who protect people, we have an unwavering desire to help out when the unexpected leaves someone out in the cold.

It’s about finding the words to comfort a customer who calls with a trembling voice. Because what really matters is that our people are here for you. So that you can then be there for the people you care about.

That’s Beneva. Formed through the combination of two mutuals coming together. We've become the largest collection of people protecting people in Canada.

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Super: People protecting people.

A caring approach
Insurance by people who care about people

At Beneva, we redefine what it means to put people first. Your projects, peace of mind, and the community you live in, these are things we care about. And we’re here to help.

People are at the heart of all we do
For us, what matters is you

We’re here for you so you can take care of what matters most. At Beneva, we think insurance should be simple and there when it counts.

01 You can always count on caring, personalized service. Because putting people first and foremost has always been one of our values.
02 With a complete line of products all in one place, we help you find the right solution to protect your financial security and that of your loved ones.
03 Help is just a phone call or click away, we’re always there.
01 We do business with integrity and believe in true partnerships. We’re always in your corner, striving to understand your reality and helping you protect your business and employees.
02 Our specialists help you navigate the insurance world. They advise, but they also explain, and they do it in plain English.
03 We offer a full range of flexible products and proven expertise with the agility to meet all your business needs.

Rooted in mutualism

Beneva Group is the largest mutual insurer in Canada. It’s people with a common goal coming together to protect each other.