Critical Illness Insurance

A financial cushion to let you focus on your health

Taking out critical illness insurance can raise a lot of questions. How much does it cost, how much coverage do you need, should you consider add-ons worth? Our advisors1 can help with that.

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Critical illness insurance is coverage from you... to you. It’s a good fit for self-employed workers and people who want to upgrade their group insurance.

In the event of a critical illness, such as cancer or a stroke, keep your financial peace of mind with money to pay the bills, even if you aren’t working.


Why take out critical illness insurance?

To focus on what matters: your health

Critical illness insurance can provide you with money to help with any additional illness-related expenses, such as home care, specialized equipment, or to make your mortgage payments.

You don’t have to explain or justify your expenses to the insurer. This money is for you to spend as you see fit.

Our insurance offers a variety of coverage options that can protect you in the event of critical illnesses, such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer or tumor, neurological disorders, certain childhood diseases and many types of surgery.

Depending on your needs, you can choose an option that covers a smaller or larger range of illnesses. An advisor1 will help you find the coverage that’s right for you.

Critical illness insurance can also give you the means to stay with your child if he or she becomes ill or needs surgery that’s covered.

With certain options, you may be able to receive a refund of premiums during your lifetime.

If you pass away before this coverage expires, all the premiums paid may be reimbursed to your beneficiary.

With our various coverages, you benefit from the medical insight and advice of medical experts. This allows you to access the best medical information so that the right diagnosis can be made for the right treatment.

An example of critical illness insurance

Simon, restaurant owner

This self-employed worker2 from Quebec City in his forties does not have group insurance and wants to be able to hire an employee to avoid closing his business in the event of a critical illness.

An example of critical illness insurance

Leila, married and mother of three

This 31-year-old British Columbia mom2 wants to be protected in the event of a serious illness, so that her healthy husband can take time off work and care for their young children.

An example of critical illness insurance

Lucy, office worker and mother

Lucy2 lives in Ontario with a little girl and has critical illness insurance for her daughter. She wants to be able to stay by her side and take care of her without financial worries, in case she gets sick.

Additional coverage options and insurance solutions
Critical illness insurance... with backup

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