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The Tax-Free Savings Account is a registered account to which you can contribute a given amount every year without ever being taxed on your earnings.

It's an excellent short- to medium-term strategy to reach financial goals or to optimize your savings and build a nest egg. The best part, you can withdraw your money as you see fit and never pay a dime in taxes.

Why opt for the TFSA?

Smart, flexible savings that pay off

Tax-free earnings

You’ll never be taxed on your savings (ever!) regardless of when you withdraw them (unlike an RRSP).

Contribution room adds up

Contribution room may have an annual limit, but unused room carries over from year to year so you can catch up later on. You start to accumulate contribution room the year you turn 18 and have a valid social insurance number.

Flexibility at its best

Dip into your TFSA savings whenever you like—no red tape, no taxes. Plus, you don’t lose your contribution room. You can recontribute withdrawals back into your TFSA, up to the cumulative annual limit.

How does it work?

TFSA: Investing in 4 easy steps

One of our advisors helps you map out an investment plan to reach your financial goal, including: investment horizon, the amount and frequency of your contributions, your risk profile and, finally, the right investments for a winning strategy.1

Learn more about risk profiles

Follow your contribution plan or add an extra lump sum here and there, as long as you don’t exceed your TFSA contribution limit.

Pro tip: Set up automatic deposits to stay on track hassle-free.

See my contribution room

Your earnings are tax-sheltered, and you benefit from growing income thanks to compound interest.

The best part about the TFSA is the freedom to withdraw at any time without tax penalties. Simply cash in whenever you’re ready to kick off your project!

The scenario shown here is for demonstration purposes only and should not be relied upon as financial or other advice.2

Beneva, a smart investment

We deliver on performance

Tap into performance-focused investment products.

We invest responsibly

Beneva only works with portfolio managers who are signatories to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.

We personalize your strategy

We take great care in proposing diversified investments suited to your profile.

We keep your money safe

Sums invested in savings and retirement plans are protected by Assuris. See our information page for full details.

TFSA contribution limits


Maximum amount for 2024


Cumulative maximum amount

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RRSP or TFSA: which is right for you?

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