Group Insurance

People protecting people

Beneva is the 4th largest group insurance provider in Canada.* With offices across the country to serve all its clients.

Our modern company rooted in mutualist values is based on community, collective well-being and quality service to its members. We build strong business partnerships through a caring approach that embraces diversity.

We offer a friendly experience and personalized service. Rest assured that the plan members you entrust to us will benefit from support tailored to their needs.

“Choosing Beneva means choosing a solid partner who understands your reality. You can always count on our caring experts to support you.”

Éric Trudel, Executive Vice-President and Lead, Group Insurance

We’re simplifying group insurance

No matter the industry or size of the group, we have a solution that’s right for you. Our expertise is wide-ranging!

In addition to offering plan members a comprehensive and personalized coverage, we provide online tools that make life easier for everyone.

Efficient, user-friendly tools

We provide insureds, administrators, plan sponsors and intermediaries with powerful, easy-to-use tools that simplify group insurance plan management.

And we’re just getting started. We’re dedicated to providing you with the most intuitive, personalized and user-friendly tools to make the day-to-day management of your group insurance plan easier.

All plan members have access to an online account to manage their insurance. It’s a quick, easy and convenient way to:

  • submit online claims
  • get reimbursed within 48 hours for most claims
  • access their coverage details, and much more
Discover the Client Centre

Our Group Administrator’s Centre gets top marks! It’s highly efficient with several features for administrators:

  • Access and update employee files
  • Submit documents and follow up on disability claims
  • and much more...

Discover Beneva’s Group Administrator’s Centre by La Capitale

Discover Beneva’s Group Administrator’s Centre by SSQ Insurance

Discover Beneva’s Group Administrator’s Centre by La Capitale Discover Beneva’s Group Administrator’s Centre by SSQ Insurance

Workplace health and wellness
Effective prevention, timely support

Businesses today understand that people are the backbone of their success—and that means taking care of them is a priority.

Workplace health and wellness starts with prevention and health promotion to ensure employee attendance and a corporate culture based on well-being. And that’s good news since prevention is our area of expertise.

Thanks to our know-how and evidence-based approach, Beneva is recognized by market intermediaries as being among the top three leaders in Canada for its Wellness programs*.

What we offer to our clients, regardless of group size, is exactly what we offer our own employees.

Your very own plan implementation team
Customizable and ready-made solutions

With Beneva, you can count on the expertise of a team that puts everything in to place to ensure a smooth implementation from day one, so plan members can file claims worry-free.

Our rigorous approach is based on a solid, tried-and-true structure. You can rely on the support of our plan implementation and communications teams.

At the forefront of industry best practices

To continuously enhance our service offering, we spearhead numerous pilot projects, such as online support to foster medication and treatment plan adherence.

Not only does Beneva offer coverage for gender affirmation fees, diversity is reflected in our communications, our pricing and the way we interact with our plan members.

This involvement is an opportunity to draw on the expertise of recognized researchers to introduce new practices that will benefit our clients, as well as all Canadians.

Our team of experienced pharmacists provides support across Canada for the sound management of medication costs and plan member assistance.

Our experts offer webinars and training to help organizations keep pace with the latest group insurance practices.

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