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Here at Beneva, we take pride in building relationships with our partners and clients. You can count on personalized caring service, and the convenience of online tools to simplify your work.

Advisor Centre
Your file management ally

The secure Advisor Centre boasts many features that allow you to easily manage your group insurance files and access all your in-force policies. It’s your very own online space to handle your daily business.

Perfect for smaller groups
Beneva group insurance for small businesses

Our group insurance tailored to the needs of companies with 5 to 50 employees offers big value for you and your clients.

Discover a cost effective, stable, sustainable and simplified solution that translates into a solid investment.

360-degree group insurance solutions

Everything about a group insurance plan is important—so we never cut corners. We offer comprehensive, personalized coverage to help businesses in a slew of industries take care of their greatest asset.

  • Health care
  • Group life insurance
  • Short and long term disability insurance
  • Dental care
  • Health spending account

Specialized coverage
More solutions for health, well-being and retirement

“Choosing Beneva means choosing a solid partner who understands your reality. You can always count on our caring experts to support you.”

Éric Trudel, Executive Vice-President and Lead, Group Insurance

Workplace health and wellness
Effective prevention, timely support

Beneva has developed unique workplace health and wellness expertise. We offer support based on best practices and evidence-based data to put the physical and mental health of employees front and centre, and make it a priority for companies.

How we do more
The added value you’re looking for

Ensuring affordable, sustainable plans starts with effective management on several fronts. The cornerstones of our offer include our own health insurance expertise centre, a pharmaceutical and medical consultant team, expert committees monitoring the market, and cost management programs and initiatives.

We use an effective, three-fold approach—prevention, detection, intervention―to help keep insurance costs down. We don’t take fraud lightly, quite the contrary. We have a specialized prevention team and multiple measures in place to dissuade and counter.

Preventing and reporting fraud

Our industry-recognized approach is based on a tried-and-true structure.

Companies enjoy the support, coaching and expertise of a team that puts everything in place to ensure a smooth experience for their employees from day one.

Our social legislation bulletins summarize the government programs available to the population and how group insurance plans complement them. By making this information readily available to all, we aim to contribute to the financial and physical health of all Canadians, and help you stay current on the latest developments in your field.

Read our bulletins

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