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Segregated funds offer three capital guarantee options, so you can choose the risk level you’re comfortable with when it comes to market fluctuations.

Our advisors2 walk you through the portfolio selection process to find the solution best suited to your goals and investor profile.

Beneva segregated funds, a smart investment

You get to choose a beneficiary

Designating your beneficiaries means a simplified, faster estate settlement for your loved ones in the event of your death.

We guarantee your capital

Your capital is shielded from market fluctuations. And you choose the guarantee that works for you.

You can reset your guarantee3

Every 3 years, you can reset your contract, potentially locking in market gains and increasing capital for your beneficiaries.

We shield your money from creditors

In the event of bankruptcy or recourse by creditors, your investment may be exempt from seizure4.

Capital guarantees to keep your investment safe

All segregated funds come with two basic capital guarantees by default: one at maturity, one in case of death. You can increase these guarantees to further protect your investment. You decide what’s right for you.

The first guarantee ensures a percentage of your capital when your contract reaches maturity. The second is a death benefit, which provides your loved ones with an amount when you pass away.

The guarantees
75% at maturity, 75% upon death

The right profile
This is the basic guarantee offered with all our segregated funds. It's a good fit if you’re several years away from retirement and want to maximize your returns.

The guarantees
75% at maturity, 100% upon death

The right profile
This guarantee is a good fit if you want to further protect your estate, while still enjoying basic protection at contract maturity.

The guarantees
100% at maturity, 100% upon death.

The right profile
This guarantee is a good fit if you want ultimate protection against market downturns, for a 100% capital guarantee at contract maturity and upon death.

Portfolios to match every goal

We're well surrounded! Our team of dedicated experts have built a line of ready-made portfolios tailored to different risk profiles. This means there's something for everyone and you can easily diversify your investment.

Plus, our experts stay on top of market trends and vigilantly monitor our portfolios to ensure optimal performance.

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