Equity Index GIA

One foot in the market, the other on safe ground.

Capital guaranteed at maturity or upon death, even the capital linked to market performance.1

Fixed return
Up to 3.60%

Variable return
Up to 6.75%2 over 5 years


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Our Equity Index Guaranteed Interest Account (GIA) strikes the right balance. It's partly linked to market performance, partly guaranteed at a predetermined fixed rate.

This option offers a higher potential return than the Traditional GIA, while also providing a level of security.


The basics

What do I need to consider?

Our Equity Index GIA offers you a 100% capital guarantee at death. Essentially, you can't lose the portion of your capital that you've decided to guarantee, no matter which way the markets move.

You also choose your capital guarantee at maturity: 90%, 100% or 110%—yes, you can even guarantee some of your gains, but only in registered accounts. The lower the capital guarantee, the more profitable the conditions.

Like a loan, you agree on a term with your advisor when signing a contract. Choose whether your investment matures after 5, 7 or 10 years.

The longer your term, the more attractive the rate for the fixed portion.

You can redeem your GIA anytime, but certain fees and penalties may apply for early withdrawals.3

The variable portion of your Equity Index GIA will be linked to market performance, but without you having to manage each of its investments. Its performance will reflect a market index or a fund, as you choose.

  • Market index: Returns are based on the performance of a recognized market index, such as the Toronto Stock Exchange.
  • Actively managed index: Returns mirror the performance of a mutual investment fund overseen by a leading management firm.

Beneva, a smart investment

Enjoy greater stability

The Equity Index GIA's guarantees translate into stable returns compared to stock market investments.

We guarantee your capital

In the event of death, your beneficiaries can recover all the capital you invested, no matter which way the market moves.

You can choose your beneficiary

When you invest with an insurer, you can designate a beneficiary to receive the balance of your account in the event of death.

We keep your money safe

As a member company of Assuris, your investments are covered up to $100,000 or 90% of the accumulated value, whichever is greater.4

Safety or performance? Strike a balance.

Fixed component

The fixed return portion of your Equity Index GIA will be determined at the time of the contract. It's influenced by your choice of capital guarantee, index or reference fund, as well as your term, among other things.


Variable component

For the portion of your GIA linked to the stock market, you can choose between a market index and two actively managed index funds. Need help deciding? Our financial advisors5 can guide you.


Market Index: S&P/TSX60

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Traditional GIA

Rather play it safe? We’ve got a GIA for that.

Our Traditional GIA: a guaranteed fixed rate. This classic GIA is risk-free and offers attractive features such as:

  • redeemable or non-redeemable rate options
  • progressive rate bonuses for investments over $10,000

Fixed return
Up to 4.35%