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Welcome to the Group Administrator’s Centre

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The Group Administrator’s Centre was designed just for you. Its features keep pace with all your needs, and you can access it anytime, anywhere.

There's no better place to get things done. Make quick work of managing your group insurance files and getting tailored reports.


The gateway to all your files

All your files at your fingertips 24/7

Log into the Group Administrator's Centre anytime from your computer or smartphone—you decide!

Edit employee files in no time

When life changes, so does insurance. Adjust your employee files in real time to keep pace.

Make batch salary changes

The Group Administrator's Centre is built to make your life easier. When salaries change for a group of employees, simply enter a percentage or amount to adjust them all at once.

Are you a market advisor? Generate customized reports.

Many types of reports specifically for advisors are available through the Group Administrator's Centre. You can even set up recurring reports.

Administrators, find all your day-to-day essentials

  • Create, edit and close files
  • View and print insurance certificates
  • Consult transaction logs and communications
  • Report deaths
  • Consult premium details

  • Consult booklets
  • Stay current with messaging
  • Find all forms in one place
  • View administrative and user guides
  • Get your group’s premium statements

  • Customize your reports
  • Program recurring reports to track changes and activities

  • You can now submit disability claims 100% online
  • Track the progress of a disability claim
  • Add documents to files
  • Generate reports, such as List of disability cases and Paid benefits – Disability insurance

Need help?

Want to find answers on your own? Our Help Hub has plenty of answers to frequently asked questions.

Rather talk to someone? Call our Administrator Relations team 1 844 781-6435.

Features for advisors
Advisors are welcome too!

The Group Administrator's Centre is also available to advisors—we've even added some features just for you.

Generate various statistical reports, obtain group-specific documentation and consult your administrative documents, all in one place.

How does it work?
Registration for the Group Administrator’s Centre for advisors

The company’s representative must first complete an access request form online.

Request advisor access

You can choose between two levels of access, Super Advisor or Advisor, which offer different features in the Advisor Centre.

Please send the form to: [email protected]

Once the form has been processed, you will receive your user code and password by email. Go to and follow the instructions in your email.

Looking for forms?

Right this way to quickly find the forms you need.

More questions about the Group Administrator's Centre? We’ve got more answers.