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Group insurance for small businesses

Group benefits for 5 to 50 employees

One size most certainly does not fit all when it comes to group benefits.

That’s why we’ve designed a flexible group insurance solution that offers the coverage your clients need at a price they’ll love.

Discover the Beneva difference

Upfront rates

Up to 3 years of predetermined rates.1 Perfect for business owners who value longer term stability.

100% online, 100% easy

We’ve made online policy management easier than ever, so your clients can focus on what they do best… running their business.

Industry-leading pricing

Our solution features competitive and flexible rate options, so finding the right fit is never complicated.

Proven expertise, standout service

With 75 years of experience, first-rate service and a personalized approach, your clients can be confident Beneva is the right choice.

Active involvement in mental health research

We’re proud of our financial partnership with the Relief Research Chair in Mental Health, Self-Management and Work. This commitment is an opportunity to draw on the expertise of renowned researchers to introduce new practices and drive research within small and medium-sized businesses

A solid investment
A solution that truly benefits your clients