High-Interest Savings Account

Cheque account rut? Move your savings over to the fast lane.

Up to 2.00%

No risk

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A high-interest savings account1 is like upgrading your bank account. It rakes in higher interest on your savings monthly and it’s 100% online and free.

In a nutshell, make money with your savings and withdraw at any time for a short-term goal like a trip or home renovations. That’s a sweet deal, and it’s even available as a TFSA.

Current rates for our high-interest accounts

Non-registered savings account



High-Interest TFSA



Beneva, a smart investment

We offer attractive rates

Money sleeping in your bank account? Our attractive interest rate puts your money to work in no time.

We keep it 100% free

No minimum investment, zero service fees, and get unlimited transactions.

We keep your money safe

Deposits covered by the AMF, up to $100,000 per account category.

We're big on customer service

Your account is 100% online, but support is never far when you need it.

Available as a TFSA
100% of the earnings in your pocket

Your high interest account can be registered as a TFSA.

  • No red tape. Withdraw the amounts you want when you want, without tax penalties.
  • Any profits you make won’t be taxed, even when withdrawn.

Automatic deposits
Not one to squirrel money away? Go automatic for quick, easy savings!

Let's face it, we all mean to save, but often don’t. Payroll deductions2 or pre-authorized debits are a smart way to stay on track and enjoy the rewards of hassle-free savings.
To set up payments, simply program how much, how often, and how long you wish to save. That’s it, you’re building a nest egg (plus interest).

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