Children’s insurance solution

One policy insures your family from head to toe

Taking care of your family is second nature to you. Taking out insurance... a little trickier. Navigating through all the products and trying to predict the future can be daunting. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be insurance savvy to protect your family, that’s our thing.

This insurance solution is a combination of coverage that’s just right for parents and their children. It ensures financial security in the event of illness or death and gives everyone time to heal or grieve.

It's a simple approach to life and health insurance. One policy, a pre-determined premium, and options that mirror your family's unique situation. With everyone protected, peace of mind comes much easier.

A solid foundation

Build and protect a future with confidence.

Life insurance is a way to ensure your loved ones are taken care of in case of death. We will offer you either permanent or term life insurance. Permanent life insurance provides lifelong coverage, while term life insurance is for a specific number of years. Depending on your situation and the needs of your loved ones, you can take out either type of life insurance or a combination of both.

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This coverage provides a lump-sum payment you can use as you see fit to cover expenses while you recover and focus on your health.

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This coverage provides you with a monthly income if you are unable to work due to a disability. It's particularly suited to self-employed workers who don't have employer-sponsored insurance. You can also pair it with your group disability insurance for more tailored coverage.

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Critical illness insurance covers 16 illnesses or surgeries and gives you the means to stay by your child's side when they need you most.

By insuring your child's life, you get an amount to cover funeral expenses as well as a financial cushion to take the time off you need to grieve.

Because bones break and accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, accidental fracture insurance covers every member of your family.

Why do complicated when you can do simple?


With multiple coverage options bundled into a single contract, you pay less. Plus, your monthly premium rate is pre-determined for the term of your contract, making it easier to plan your budget.


No need to spend hours thinking over which coverage is best, we offer you a tailor-made package. And we include everyone, from the oldest family member to the little one on the way.2


This solution keeps pace with the whole crew. You can convert some of the coverage over time to reflect your family’s changing needs.


Your family is unique, your insurance should be too. Our advisors1 get to know you to build a plan that’s just right.


The succession advantage3 provides for the expenses of the person designated to handle your estate on behalf of your loved ones (e.g. : liquidating the estate, probating the insured’s will, certifying a mandate of incapacity or power of attorney, or arranging for protective supervision of a person of full age). A small addition that makes a big difference.