Universal Life Insurance

Good things come in pairs, like life insurance and investments

Taking out life insurance can raise a lot of questions. How much does it cost, what coverage is included, should you consider add-ons? Our advisors1 can help with that.

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Universal life insurance is an all-inclusive solution to protect you, your family and your financial future.

This insurance covers both your insurance and investment bases. If you're looking for a tax-sheltered savings option to supplement your RRSPs and TFSAs, and also want permanent life insurance, this product is right up your alley.


Why get universal life insurance?

Insurance meets tax-sheltered investing

Your life insurance is there to keep up with your life. You can adjust your coverage features throughout your contract to meet your changing needs. 

Once you've decided on the coverage amount, you can choose to contribute more to build up additional savings. It's a smart and simple way to diversify your tax-sheltered investments.

Even if you've maxed out your RRSPs and TFSAs, universal life insurance gives you another way to benefit from tax-sheltered savings. We put your money to work by investing part of your insurance premiums. You don’t have to do a thing. You can also choose to use some of your savings for a personal life project or as a source of extra income.

Just keep in mind that withdrawals may be subject to income tax.

What could be more important than protecting your children? Universal life insurance for children includes more coverage for that extra peace of mind, such as guaranteed insurability and critical illness insurance for children.

Un homme dans la trentaine

Un homme dans la trentaine

Amine, young professional

Amine2, a 30-year-old from Ontario, started his company a few years ago. He is looking for permanent life insurance to protect his business should he pass away. In addition to this coverage, universal life insurance allows him to save more money on a tax-sheltered basis so he can enjoy his dream retirement.

Un couple dans la soixantaine

Un couple dans la soixantaine

Emily and Andrew, retirees

Emily2, newly retired, and her husband Andrew, who recently sold his business, have purchased universal life insurance. In their sixties, the couple wants to maximize their tax-sheltered investments and ensure their blended family estate planning will be seamless for their children and grandchildren.

Un couple avec un bébé

Un couple avec un bébé

Caroline and James, parents of a young child

Caroline and James2 have purchased universal life insurance for their young son Nathan. They wish to stay together as a family and have a financial cushion should he fall ill. The coverage included in universal life insurance for children allows them to ensure Nathan will be protected if needed, while benefiting from tax-sheltered investments.

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