Car and Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Save an average of $5201

Keep it simple and save money by bundling your home, car and recreational vehicle insurance. Smart move.

Insurance covers more than just your vehicle! It protects your civil liability and we throw in several practical inclusions like free coverage when you drive a rented or borrowed vehicle, as well as roadside assistance for most recreational vehicles.

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Beneva's Client Centre and mobile app have everything you need to manage your insurance quickly, easily, and  when  it’s  most convenient for you.

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If you have an emergency, you can always count on our team to quickly cover your bases.

More questions about all our vehicle insurance? We’ve got answers.

It's a question of statistics. Basically, insurance works by assessing risk level.

When getting a quote or renewing your policy, insurance companies check things like the number of accidents you have on file at the Automobile Claims Database (FCSA) to determine your risk level. The more accidents you have, the higher the risk of being involved in another one and the more your car insurance rates are likely to increase.

Learn more about claim forgiveness coverage

Yep! You can lend your car to anyone who has a valid driver's license. If this person has an accident while driving your car, you will receive compensation based on the coverage provided under your car insurance contract. Someone frequently drives your car? Contact your insurer to make sure you’re properly covered!

Your car insurance premium is calculated every time you request a quote to an insurance company, as well as at each renewal.

Each calculation is personalized based on your information on file, such as:

  • Where you live
  • Use of the vehicle
  • Type of vehicle
  • Your credit rating
  • Your recent history of claims or accidents
  • Etc.

​Other external factors come into play when calculating your car insurance premium. Among them, for example, is the price of parts and labour, or an increase or decrease in the number of auto insurance claims in the province.