Bad luck happens, premium increases don’t have to

Claim without shame

Claim forgiveness coverage is an add-on to your car insurance and avoids premium increases resulting from one or even two claims of any type!

All is forgiven

All accidents get a clean slate

At fault or not, you can claim for any type accident or loss, including fire, theft or vandalism. Your premiums won't go up, and that’s that.

Once forgiven, always forgiven

Forgiven claims stay forgiven even if you drop this option, as long as your personal car is insured with us.

New drivers get the same deal

Even drivers with less than five years’ experience behind the wheel can get this coverage, unlike other insurers.

And parents get a break too

Parents can choose to get this coverage exclusively for their kids.

More questions about Claim Forgiveness? We’ve got answers.

Your premiums won’t increase because you make a car claim, or even two. Your premiums, however, could increase slightly from year to year as a result of rate adjustments or inflation.

You can remove this option at any time and your claims will stay forgiven, as long as you stay insured with us. If you've reached your two claims, a Beneva agent will contact you to remove this coverage at renewal.

This coverage is great for keeping your claims track record intact or for people who would have a hard time absorbing an unexpected premium increase—unfortunately, bad luck can happen to anyone, at any time.

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This option rides with car insurance

Claim forgiveness is an extra airbag to go with your basic car insurance. Right this way to choose the main build for your coverage.