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Yep, you need car insurance to drive. But beyond the mandatory civil liability for everyone—from learners to seasoned drivers—you can choose the coverage that works for you!

With solid coverage, a slew of options and plenty of added perks, finding your perfect fit is easy.

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Decreasing deductible
Your claim-free years rewarded

Your deductible drops $50 with each claim-free renewal. It's our way of saying thanks for your loyalty.

Replacement vehicle2
Car in the shop for a few days?

If your car needs repair after a loss or accident, you get a courtesy vehicle at no extra cost!

Sweet Deals

Discount on your electric or hybrid car insurance

Good for the environment, good for you too!

Roadside assistance for only $3/month

Our roadside assistance comes to the rescue 24/7 anywhere in Canada and the United States, no matter who’s behind the wheel!

Free legal assistance

Need legal advice? Our lawyers are just a phone call away!

Special advantages

For families, young adults and civil servants.

Car insurance that goes the distance

The basics
Hit the road with solid coverage...

Like our popular and comprehensive two-way coverage. 

This insurance is mandatory to drive. It provides coverage if you cause damage to third parties or if your car is damaged in an accident where you are not at fault.

Civil liability coverage for 1 or 2 million?

One million is the general recommendation. If you plan on driving outside Quebec, then it’s best to take out $2 million, especially in the United States, where personal injury lawsuits can cost a pretty penny, for instance.

Adding this coverage is what we call two-way insurance. It covers damages to your vehicle in the following situations:

  • A collision for which you are at fault or when you are the victim of a hit-and-run
  • Fire, theft, vandalism or glass breakage
  • In all these situations (comprehensive coverage)

Good to know: Some of these options may be required if you get financing for your car.

If you rent a vehicle for a short period or borrow one, such as a car larger than yours for a vacation, this coverage automatically covers you if you are responsible for damage to the vehicle.

Good to know: It avoids you paying additional car insurance costs to the vehicle rental company.


Should an accident deprive you of your car for several days, this option could cover the rental cost of a replacement car, public transportation fees or taxi expenses. If you’re far from home, additional accommodation expenses could also be covered.

Your options
...and a choice of add-ons to go the extra mile.

Close-up of the fine print

Out with the same old song. Understanding your contract pays off.

Yes, there’s no wait time! You can cancel your car insurance contract at any time. You don't even have to give us a reason.

However, we recommend that you cancel when your contract expires to avoid the penalties that apply most of the time when you cancel mid-term.

Generally, the best time is when your insurance contract is up for renewal. Your insurer will send you your new policy well ahead of time. You'll know that it's the right time to change your car insurance, on the effective date of your renewal.

Your car insurance premium is calculated based on the information that makes up your file. This infromation includes different elements that have an impact on your premium. If you want to save, you can :

  • opt for a small car, or a hybrid or electric car
  • install an anti-theft device adopt safe driving habits and be careful
  • increase your deductible review your coverage and ask yourself what coverage you really need given the age and value of your vehicle
  • make sure that all the add-ons ( riders ) on your contract are useful
  • make sure your insurer has the right information regarding the use of your vehicle (for instance, teleworking has you using your vehicle a lot less)

Yes! Your insurance doesn't just cover you in case of an accident. It protects you in case of theft and damage caused by fire, hail, flood or vandalism.

It's mandatory to have civil liability insurance to drive your vehicle, even if it's only to move it from one storage location to another.

If your vehicle is stored for part of the year, you can add a storage rider to your contract. The vehicle remains insured, but your premium is reduced proportionally to the number of days it’s in storage.