A lawyer is just a phone call away for each of our insureds. And it’s free.

Legal assistance is offered to all our insureds. This phone service puts you in touch with a lawyer.

It's free with each of the following types of insurance:

Car insurance

Home insurance

Recreational vehicle insurance

What exactly is legal assistance?

Ask your questions and get answers. It’s that simple.

Seasoned lawyers

The people who answer your questions are all law graduates and members of the Quebec Bar. These lawyers are employed by Beneva, and at your service.

Detailed answers to all your questions

Our telephone service for legal advice covers all areas of the law, including consumer issues, labour, property ownership, etc.

Confidential, free and unlimited

Whatever your question, you can always call, and as many times as you like. It’s always free and always 100% confidential.

More questions about legal assistance? We’ve got answers

Yes, you can. And if we really can't answer them, we’ll refer you to the right resources. But there isn’t much we don’t know about, and you can believe it, we get all kinds of questions. Just look at these examples: 

  • My next-door neighbour's tree has branches hanging over my property. Can I cut them? 
  • I just bought a house and turns out the roof leaks. Do I have any recourse? 
  • I just bought a used car and surprise, it’s a lemon. What can I do about it? 
  • I want a divorce, but I'd like it to be amicable. What’s my first move? 

Keep in mind, however, that this service is intended to answer questions, not to provide you with legal representation. If you are looking for more protection or a lawyer to act on your behalf, you may be better served with Legal Access Insurance. 

It’s quite simple. As soon as you take out insurance (auto, home or recreational vehicle) with Beneva, you have access to this service. And yep, it’s free! 

If you have a legal question, call the number at the top of the page and a lawyer will be on the other end of the line to help you sort it out. You can call as many times as you like, and it's 100% confidential. 

No. In short, legal assistance is a telephone advice service. Legal access insurance goes further by covering many of the costs that can arise when taking legal action.