We represent your best interests for just over $1/week.

Beneva's legal access insurance gives you the means to assert your rights at an affordable cost, providing you with a lawyer’s assistance when you need it.

This coverage may even include defence or consulting fees. In short, it's investing in good judgment.

How to get it? Simply add this optional coverage to any of the following types of insurance for just over $1 a week:

What am I entitled to?

Coverage that’s got your rights covered

Experienced lawyers

The legal professionals you talk to are experts. As law graduates and members of the Barreau du Québec, they can assist you as needed.

We cover many areas of the law

Our experts can help with many situations, such as latent (hidden) defects, a car purchase, a residential lease, condominium issues, identity theft, wrongful dismissal, and so forth.

More than a legal advice help line

Legal access insurance also provides you with the means to assert your rights or the assistance of a legal professional (lawyer or notary).

More questions about legal access insurance? We’ve got more answers.

Yes. The contract covers everyone living under the same roof. Your children are also covered if they are studying away from home.

No. The legal access insurance premium is the same for all insured persons and does not change whether you claim or not. Exceptionally, the premium may increase due to a rate revision. In this case, the increase would be the same for all those insured.

No. Legal access insurance only covers legal problems that occur after the insurance takes effect.