Home Insurance

Save an average of $5201

Keep it simple and save money by bundling your home, car and recreational vehicle insurance. Smart move.

The washing machine starts leaking, a fire breaks out... Don’t let these scenarios keep you up at night! Home insurance let’s you sleep easy knowing your home, belongings and civil liability are protected.

Online services at your service

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Beneva’s Client Centre and mobile app have everything you need to manage your insurance quickly, easily, and when it’s most convenient for you.

A team on call 24/7

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If you have an emergency, you can always count on our team to quickly cover your bases.

Questions on home insurance? We’ve got the answers

All home insurance policies include coverage limits, personal property and risks that are never covered, and terms and conditions specific to certain risks or types of coverage. Detailed information is provided in the insurance policy that was sent to you when your policy was issued. For more information, contact a Customer Service agent.

Under the Civil Code of Quebec, the insurer has sixty (60) days to settle a claim. This period begins only after the insurer has received all the relevant information and required supporting documents. At Beneva, the vast majority of claims are settled within this prescribed time.

For any type of claim, you will be responsible for the deductible stipulated in your policy’s special conditions, even if a third party is liable. During the investigation, the adjuster will determine if there is any possible recourse. If so, he or she will inform you of the steps to obtain the reimbursement of your deductible.