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Beneva offers two levels of cottage insurance to meet the needs of both seasonal and year-round cottage owners. We cover your belongings, permanent installations and more—so you can unwind worry-free!

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If your claim involves more than one insurance product

Only one deductible to pay

You only pay one deductible when a loss affects two or more insured products, even if you submit several claims.

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For families, young adults and civil servants.

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The basics
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This insurance covers your cottage, its contents and your other structures (such as a shed) in the event of damage caused by such things as fire, wind, lightning and certain types of water damage (e.g. leak & amp; from a household appliance or plumbing fixture).

This insurance covers your cottage and its contents in the event of damage caused by such things as fire, theft, vandalism, wind and certain types of water damage, as well as damage caused by smoke, fire or an explosion resulting from an earthquake.

We also cover your civil liability for damage you could cause to third parties.

Some specific items like your bikes or video game console are also covered without limitation, regardless of their value.
We know that even at your cottage, you have belongings you’re more attached to.

Your options
... that you can build on with extra coverage.