Get more mileage out of our roadside assistance. A lot more!

Our roadside assistance service comes to the rescue 24/7, wherever you are in Canada or the United States.1

You deserve the works when it comes to roadside assistance. And we’re happy to deliver. Not only will we always show up when you’re stranded, we also offer travel planning and trip interruption services.2

Our roadside assistance covers a lot of ground:

  • Up to 4 service calls per year, per insured vehicle.
  • We’ll give you a lift to the registered repair shop of your choice, up to the maximum distance indicated in your contract.
  • Lockout service
  • Battery boosting
  • Tire change
  • Free fuel delivery should you run out
  • And the best part... service is 24/7 anywhere in Canada and the United States.1

Need help planning your trip? We can do that too2

There’s nothing like going on a dream vacation. We couldn’t agree more. For smooth travels, we offer you free personalized road itineraries, maps and hotel and campground directories.

We even pick up the bill for some trip interruption expenses2

Cutting your trip short because of a breakdown on the road is literally a tough break, but we can offer some solace by covering certain costs like accommodation, car rental, purchase of personal items and transportation (cab, bus, train or plane).

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