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Claim Forgiveness coverage is like a free pass… or two!

It’s a good feeling knowing your home insurance rate won't go up because one or two claims.

For just a few dollars a month, you can add this coverage to your tenants, homeowners or condo insurance.

Up to two home claims

One or two home claims over a five-year period won’t affect your premium.

A clean slate for any claim

You can claim for any loss, from a leaking ceiling to a cooking fire, or even for a bike gone missing from the shed. When we say all is forgiven, we mean it.

Once forgiven, always forgiven

Forgiven claims stay forgiven even if you drop this option, as long as you have home insurance with us.

More questions about Claim Forgiveness? We’ve got answers!

Your premiums won’t increase because you make a home claim, or even two. Your premiums, however, could increase slightly from year to year as a result of rate adjustments or in response to inflation.

This coverage is great for keeping your claims track record intact or for people who would have a hard time absorbing an unexpected premium increase—unfortunately, bad luck can happen to anyone, at any time.

You can remove this option at any time and your forgiven claims will stay forgiven. If you've reached your two claims, a Beneva agent will contact you to remove this coverage at renewal.

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This option lives under the home insurance roof

Claim Forgiveness is an extra brick on top of your basic home insurance. Right this way to choose your cornerstone coverage.