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Claim forgiveness

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We forgive you not once, but twice

The Claim Forgiveness option can be added to your home insurance contract for a few dollars a month. At renewal, you avoid any rate increase caused by your two first claims.

Up to two home claims

You can make 2 claims over a maximum 5-year period and your insurance rate will not increase.

A clean slate for any claim

All is forgiven: a leaking ceiling, a cooking fire, a bike gone missing from the shed. Whether you’re at fault or not.

Once forgiven, always forgiven

Forgiven claims stay forgiven even if you decide to withdraw from this option, as long as your home is insured with us.

More questions about this option? We’ve got answers!

There will be no increase after one or two claims. However, the cost of your home insurance could increase slightly from year to year as a result, for example, of a rate adjustment or inflation. 

This coverage is great for keeping your claims track record intact or for people who would have a hard time absorbing an unexpected rate increase. Unfortunately, bad luck can happen to anyone, at any time.

You can remove this option at any time. Your forgiven claims will stay forgiven as long you’re insured with us. If you've reached your two claims, one of our agents will contact you to remove this coverage at renewal.

Small add-on. Big value.
That’s your cue to change your insurer.

Claim Forgiveness coverage is a little something extra for your contract. You’re eligible for this add-on if your home is insured with us.