Pierre Marc Bellavance

Executive Vice-President and Leader, Legal Affairs, Compliance and Corporate Secretary

Initially a litigation lawyer, Pierre Marc Bellavance joined the insurance industry in 2006. From 2011 until the two companies joined forces in 2020, he served as Vice-President of Legal Affairs and Corporate Secretary at La Capitale.

He earned a law degree from Université Laval in 1993. He went on to earn a joint master’s degree in public law from Université Laval and the University of Bordeaux. He has also spent a number of years teaching at the Quebec Bar.

In addition to serving on various industry committees, Pierre Marc is a certified corporate director and has been Chair of the Board of Moi et Ma Planète since January 2020. He is involved in his community, notably with Centraide.

"Integrity and actions that speak louder than words – that’s how we are at Beneva!"
Pierre Marc Bellavance , Executive Vice-President and Leader, Legal Affairs, Compliance and Corporate Secretary

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