5 things that may surprise you about your coverage with us

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Insurance is such a huge industry! So it’s not always easy to navigate. Do you know the benefits of choosing Beneva as your insurer? There are really so many! And we make sure to handle everything behind the scenes to make your life easier. You can also take advantage of our advice even if your specific situation is not covered. 

Let’s take a look at 5 things, among many, that may surprise you about our coverage.

1. We got you covered, top to bottom, in the event of water damage

In Quebec, water damage is the number one cause for home insurance claims. Best be prepared. That’s why we offer you plenty of options. With us, you get some of the best coverage available on the market. You can therefore adapt your insurance based on your needs with these options:

  • Water supply line burst
    - No limits
  • Above ground water
    A great option:
    - If the water seeps in from the roof, doors or windows above the foundation
    - If the gutters or storm pipes overflow
  • Sewers
    - In the event of accidental sewer leaks, floods or back-ups
  • Ground and sewer water
    - Damage caused when underground water seeps through the foundation or cracks
    - For accidental sewer leaks, floods or back-ups
  • Ground water, sewers, overflow of body of water
    - Same coverage as “Ground Water and Sewers”, but also includes the overflow of a body of water!

2. Tailor-made coverage for your car

That’s right, we adapt to your needs. We offer you excellent car insurance coverage, with many options and benefits. They include:

  • After a loss or accident, we lend you a replacement vehicle while your car’s in the garage. It’s free.
  • You get a rebate on insurance for your electric or hybrid car. Because we also care about the future of our planet.
  • Thanks to our Claim Forgiveness coverage, you’re forgiven any type of car accident. Even if you caused the accident, the claim won’t increase your premiums. Not many insurers offer this type of coverage for inexperienced drivers. But we do!
Claim Forgiveness coverage, a major bonus

Your son just got his driver’s licence? Get peace of mind with Claim Forgiveness coverage. At least until he gets a bit of driving experience behind the wheel of your car…

And if you remove this option at a later date, we won’t mind, and we won’t raise your insurance premiums!

3. You even get a decreasing deductible

If you don’t make any auto insurance claims, your deductible decreases by $50 at each renewal. In fact, this also applies to home insurance. It's our way of saying thank you for your loyalty.

Good to know

We also cover all your bicycles with our home insurance. That comes in handy!

4. You can get a second medical opinion

Finding out that you’re ill can be a highly stressful experience. With our various coverage options in the event of a critical illness, you can get information and advice from a variety of experts. We look after you. It’s essential to get the right diagnosis. A second medical opinion can be reassuring!

5. You can attend free webinars

Looking for a sound financial strategy? You can attend our free webinars. We’ll offer specific advice you can put to use. It gives us great pleasure to help you take control of your own financial destiny.

That was a brief tour of some of the benefits Beneva has to offer you. Now you know what you have to gain by opting for an insurer that puts people first.

Contact our advisors to learn more. It’s worth your time to find out.