Free bicycle coverage

Coverage that rides shotgun with you

Always grab your helmet before climbing on your bike? Smart move to protect your head, but who’s got your bike covered? Surprising but true: we do! Whether you take out insurance for your house, condo or apartment, all your bicycles are covered too.

Anywhere in the world

Whether you're freewheeling along the Gaspé Peninsula or mountain biking in Costa Rica, we’ve got you covered.

Complete coverage1

Your bikes are 100% covered against fire, vandalism or theft (and we know ways to discourage thieves too).

While in transit

And if your bike gets damaged in transit while in a vehicle or on a rack… you’re covered for that too!

Every bike’s total value

Whether you’re an urban rider or geared for mountain trails, all your family's bikes are fully covered—no matter their value or how many you have.1

All our home insurance solutions
Ready to shop for home insurance? Let’s roll.

Oh and by the way, you save $370 on average when you insure your home with Beneva.2