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Your insurance needs to cover the building you manage as well as contents in common areas, and don’t forget civil liability coverage.

That’s why we offer you solid coverage with a slew of options and plenty of added perks. Our goal is your peace of mind so rest assured our good people are the key to insuring your condo association.

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Always lots of surprises with a condo association. Let us lighten your load with insurance that covers all your bases.

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Fee reimbursement in the event of a claim

If you’ve used professional services (lawyer, notary, architect, etc.), we’ll reimburse you a part of their fees for each claim covered by your insurance. The reimbursement is up to $50,000 for a trustee.

Compensation for common condo fees not covered after a loss

If your association is deprived of payment of common condo fees due to a loss covered by your insurance, you'll be reimbursed up to $50,000 for lost fees.

Do business with experts who really get you

Our agents know the ins and outs of condo associations. They can help you choose the coverage you truly need.

Do business with a Quebec business

Supporting local business is always a winning move. You contribute directly to the economy and job creation in your community.

The basics
Run your business with solid coverage...

In the event of damage caused by fire, theft or vandalism, the building and contents of common areas are covered for full replacement value.

This insurance covers damage to property in common areas caused by different types of loss.

You’re covered for injuries to third parties, like a visitor taking a fall on your icy driveway or wet floor.

Condo association administrators and directors are covered for negligence in the course of their duties.

Your valuable papers and records are covered against direct damage from an insured peril.

This means if important documents, such as account statements or contracts, were damaged in a fire, your coverage would help you replace them.

Embezzlement resulting directly from any dishonest act committed by an employee is covered.

Your options
...and a choice of add-ons for the extra peace mind.

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Tell us when your insurance policy ends and an agent will be in touch before your renewal to give you more information about our products.

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Unfortunately, life doesn’t give a heads up when it throws you a curve. But you can always count on our claims service to be there.

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