See your deductible drop $50 every claim-free renewal

Every claim-free year with us entitles you to a $50 reduction on your home, car and recreational vehicle insurance deductibles. 

Not your average perk

We’re one of the few major insurers to offer a benefit like this to all our clients.  

Applies to all contracts

You’ll see your deductible drop for all your car, home and recreational vehicle insurance products. 

Applies to all claims

Your lower deductible applies to any covered home, car or recreational vehicle claim. Water damage or fender bender are some examples where you could save hundreds.


We say thanks in so many ways!

Get $40 off a new annual Communauto subscription.1 Because sharing is caring.

How to get the discount

Save big when you rent or buy a HydroSolution water heater. You also get a discount on the purchase price of a water leak detection system.

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Get 10% off3 on mechanical services and 5% off4 when you buy four new tires online. How convenient is that!

How to get the discounts

In case of a medical emergency, Airmedic coverage ensures fast and effective air rescue 24/7, anywhere in Quebec. Call their experts at 1 866 673-3838 for all the details.

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We protect your property, but we’ve got your back too. Get expert legal advice or the psychological support needed after a loss or accident. It's free.

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Discover psychological support

Online services at your service

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Beneva’s Client Centre and mobile app have everything you need to manage your insurance quickly, easily, and when it’s most convenient for you.  

A team on call 24/7 

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If you have an emergency, you can always count on our team to quickly cover your bases.