What exactly is this service?
Specialists who care about your well-being are just a phone call away

A burglary, fire or car accident are just a few examples of situations that can pull the rug out from under your feet. Such events can affect your mental health, sometimes for quite a while. Our clients have access to a psychological support service after a trying event. It’s free and applies from day one.


  • It's free and included in your contract. No application necessary, no fees.

  • For a single event, your family can get 20 hours of counselling with a psychologist. Each person can consult up to 10 hours for free.

  • Consultations are available to all our insureds for 12 months following a covered loss under a personal insurance policy.

Counselling experts to help you heal

All counsellors are members of a professional order or association.

Confidentiality is a given

All counsellors are bound by their profession’s code of ethics. This means anything you tell them—even the fact that you used the service—is between you and them, unless you allow otherwise.

Completely free

When we say free, we mean it. No deductible, no hidden fees, no nothing. You are entitled to 10 hours of counselling with a professional after a covered loss, whatever the nature of your distress.

More questions about our psychological support service?
We’ve got answers.

The following are examples of situations we have helped with, and perhaps resemble your own experience.

  • Feeling of powerlessness about events experienced.
  • Difficulty responding and getting back on your feet.
  • Difficulty overcoming feelings of hostility and anger about an event experienced or damage sustained.
  • Emotional problems in response to the shock of a sudden and unexpected disability.
  • Feelings of guilt for damage caused to others.
  • Feelings of fear, sometimes to the point of panic.
  • Inability to cope with anxiety.
  • Difficulty understanding yourself.
  • Feeling of solitude and isolation from your friends and family.
  • Desire to help your family members overcome their distress.

The first step is to call. A counsellor will take your call and ask you a few questions to open your file. Remember to have your insurance policy number handy to confirm your eligibility for the service.

A psychologist will call you back within 24 hours to schedule your first appointment.