Proper fall home maintenance

Maison en automne

Fall, the season of transition distinguished by falling leaves and shorter days... Does it get your juices flowing? All the better! Now is the right time to show your house a little love and affection. After all, it’s also a season of change.

Before starting...

Don’t put on your work gloves and boots just yet. Think about how all this manual labour should be organized. Get ready!

The list that leaves nothing to chance

What would you do without it? Right? You’d most likely figure it out, but it often makes life easier for us all the same. So why not just make one?

Take a few minutes to decide what tasks you have to add to your to-do list. It feels good to cross them off one by one, doesn’t it? Especially when the list seems endless...


You should do a few things inside your house before the winter season hits. For example, clean carpets and fabric furniture. Summer is the season of windows wide open and this invites dust and pollen to waft in with the breeze. Get your fill of fresh air before the heating system and its hot air take over.

Heating and air conditioning: full of hot air

The fall season is the perfect time to get your heating and a/c systems serviced. Ensure they work well.

Hot water heating: lubricate the circulation pump, bleed air from the radiators.

Central heating system: remove and clean the warm air registers and vacuum inside the ducts. Replace the filter as needed.

Air exchanger or heat recovery ventilator (HRV): follow the manufacturer’s guide, all the information is there!

Portable humidifier: rinse and change the filter. Wash the tank (with vinegar) and disinfect it (with 5 ml of bleach for every 4 L of water).

Portable air conditioner: use a protective cover or remove it from a window altogether.

If you have auxiliary heating, such as a fireplace, think about putting our maintenance recommendations into action to prevent the risk of fire. Enjoy the welcoming warmth in peace.

Ask for help from professionals if you need it.

Doors and windows: walking on air

There are some easy ways to fix drafts, such as:

  • Remove window screens to allow hot air to reach the windowpane and cut condensation.
  • Test door and window seals: light a match and hold it close. Did the flame flicker? That means air is getting in.
  • Make sure your garage door closes properly.

This is also a good time to clean your curtains and blinds. Use every means at your disposal so that hot air can freely flow.


There are also some things you have to do outside your home before the cold season arrives. Avoid nasty surprises (and water damage) by checking these various points. From bottom to top...

Foundations: inspect them. Caulk any cracks in the concrete to prevent water infiltration.

Window wells: remove leaves and other debris. The idea is to keep water and moisture away from your windows.

Eavestroughs: remove any branches, leaves and other debris you find. Then ensure that anchors are securely fastened. Adjust them as needed. Pour some water in the downspout to check if it flows efficiently.

Roof: clean and inspect it (metal flashings, skylights, joint sealings, etc.) The time is right to get any needed repairs out of the way.


Store your garden furniture, put away your barbecue, lawnmower and watering hose. Don’t worry, you can put it all back outside in the spring. Protect any trees or bushes that could get damaged by the harshness of winter.

Oh, one last thing...

If you count yourself among the lucky ones who have a pool, do whatever it takes to keep it in good condition. This way, you’ll reduce the risk of damage and a home insurance claim. And you’ll be up and running faster next summer to welcome your swimmer friends.

Are you done?

Pat yourself on the back! You’ve completed your homeowner’s homework. Now move on to the next goal and take advantage of the season to nurture... your well-being. (Phew!)

It’s time to treat yourself and admire the colourful scenery surrounding you.

Happy Fall!