Protecting your above-ground swimming pool during winter

Above-ground swimming pools must weather our harsh Canadian winters. To make sure yours is in good condition this spring, follow our maintenance tips to stack the odds in your favour. You’ll reduce the risk of damage and home insurance claims and things will go “swimmingly” well for years to come.

1. Closing your pool as per the manufacturer’s instructions

Follow the manufacturer’s steps and recommendations for closing your pool. For example, you’ll need to lower the water level based on the recommended levels indicated. You’ll also need to drain the pipes to prevent freezing-related damage and store certain parts, etc.

To keep the water clear until spring, you should wait until late fall to close your pool, before the first frost sets in.

2. Clearing snow from your pool

Why remove excess snow from your pool?

Your pool is not designed to withstand vertical pressure, but lateral pressure exerted by the water inside your pool. That’s why heavy snowfalls and the weight of the ice put a strain on the structure.

  • To help your pool get through the winter unscathed, you must remove snow from the pool often. Use a plastic shovel since a metal one could damage the rim or outer walls, which are already weakened by the cold.
  • Start by clearing the snow from the edges of the pool. Never climb on the pool’s edges, for your security, but also to avoid any damage.
  • Clear the remainder of the snow from outside the pool. Avoid stepping inside the pool to clear the ice or packed snow, as it can give way under your weight. You could damage the structure or even injure yourself.

In short, take the necessary safety precautions this winter to maintain your pool so that you can enjoy it during those heat waves!