When to contact your auto insurance company?

Even though you have a policy with your auto insurance company, did you know that you have to notify them along the way under certain circumstances?

Requesting a quote is a bit like taking a picture with a Polaroid. You capture the present moment.

The insurer looks at your current situation to determine the amount you will pay, including your address, estimated mileage, vehicle to be insured and many other criteria.

In the meantime, if your situation changes, so does your coverage and how much you pay. Contact your insurer… even if your auto policy is not up for renewal for several months.

New life… new insurance

You have to notify your insurer about a change of address, job or profession. They will calculate the new amount you have to pay for your car insurance.

Who is getting behind the wheel?

The baby in the family now has her licence. Do you want them to get a bit of driving experience behind the wheel of your car? You have to notify your insurer to add another driver to your policy.

The opposite also holds true! If a person’s name is on your policy who no longer drives your car, tell your insurer about that as well.

Your driving record can affect the amount of your car insurance, especially if you’ve had a suspended licence. Highway Safety Code violations, dangerous driving and driving under the influence can dramatically increase the amount you pay to be insured. If you are on the lookout for a deal, responsible driving is the only way to go.

Coverage adapted to your car

Are you changing vehicles before the renewal of your car insurance policy? Well, then you have to talk to your insurer.

Same goes if you make changes to your original car. You have to indicate the following changes to the policy:

  • Addition of an anti-theft system or satellite tracking
  • Accessories or parts that increase your car’s value or performance

How much do you use your car?

Your car insurance is calculated based on the intended use of your car. For example, the more kilometres you log, the greater the risk of a claim.

So, you need to let your insurer know if you use your car to…

  • get to work
  • fulfill business needs
  • rent out to a car-sharing service
  • travel outside Quebec more than one month per year

Do you only bring out your convertible during the warm months? Talk to your insurer. They will adjust your coverage and the amount you pay to reflect that.

Discount anyone?

You may be eligible for a discount if you are currently a member of a group or association that has a partnership agreement with your insurer. This offer is only available when your contract is renewed.

The 411

A simple call to your insurer allows you to get coverage tailored to your needs… at the right price. Why wait?

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