General functions of the electronic application

Start by resetting your password. If that doesn’t work, contact a support agent at 1-877-707-7372 or [email protected]. If you don’t have an active code, contact your general agent who will make the necessary arrangements with our broker licensing department.

The eApp will display the premium amount, but it's not currently possible to import illustration data to the application. Please attach your illustration files to the eApp.

Yes. Before using the eApp, make sure your clients have an email address and mobile phone number.

To change the language setting, go to the top right-hand side of the screen and click the drop-down menu with your name.

You don’t need to worry about delivering the certificate. Since it’s integrated into the application, the client receives it with the signature request, if he or she is eligible.

It’s not possible to make changes to applications that have already been submitted through the App. If such a change is needed, simply fill out the Contract Change form and send it to: [email protected].

If, however, the application hasn’t been submitted for processing yet (i.e. it hasn’t been signed by all parties, including you), you can make changes using the eApp. In that case, the entire signature process must be repeated.

Some types of files cannot be attached to the application. The eApp only accepts the most popular file types. The best thing to do is convert your file to a PDF.

Yes. You must attach the replacement notice form to your electronic application. Otherwise, you need to email it to [email protected] within five days after submitting the electronic application.

Choice of coverage

Term life, permanent life and critical illness insurance products are available on the platform plus all their riders. Simplified issue life insurance products are supported on our other electronic application.

Universal life products are not currently available on our electronic applications.

This is probably because you left out some important fields in Section 1, such as the insured person’s date of birth or gender. It may also be because the date of birth is incorrect. If so, the electronic application does not display the products available for the insured person.

Make sure a green check mark appears next to the title of the General Information section.

Personal and medical information

Refer to the underwriting requirements. If a paramedical or medical exam is required based on age and amount, you can skip the medical and personal information.

Refer to the underwriting requirement. If a paramedical or medical exam is required based on age and amount, you can skip the medical and personal information.

You just need to open the PDF form that the electronic application displays on your workstation, then save and complete it. Ensure that you attach the form to your application.

Agreement and payments

All payment options are listed on the platform.

If the annual premium is paid by cheque, it must be sent in at the time the contract is delivered.

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Signatures and documents

Once the signature procedure has been completed, clients receive an email allowing them to read and download the application.

Yes. Simply cancel the signature request and re-submit it.

Your client will never receive the email and you will have to go and validate it. If you need to correct it, you will have to cancel the original signature request, correct the wrong email address and send the signature request again.

The client won’t be able to receive the authentication message when he or she tries to access the application. You’ll need to redo the signature procedure in the eApp and enter the correct phone number.