Car insurance

Understanding my increase

We know you’d like your rate to stay the same when it comes time to renew your car insurance. However, it’s not always possible to avoid a rate increase and we want to clearly explain why.

Why do rates increase?

Several factors can influence the cost of car insurance, including:

  • Rising cost of claims. Complexity and new technologies require more time for repairs, as well as a more highly trained workforce. This is reflected in the cost of repairs.
  • The rising cost of car parts. Car technology is becoming more complex. Therefore, it becomes more costly to repair or replace certain parts such as back-up cameras or blind-spot monitoring systems.
  • Shortage of labour power. It’s no secret: The shortage of labour power affects many sectors, including the car repair business. This means the cost of the services of a car mechanic or auto body repair mechanic is higher since wages have increased to attract or retain employees.
  • Climate change. Many extreme environmental events, such as hail, ice storms, gale-force winds and heavy rainfall, are on the rise and cause road accidents or vehicle damage, which increases the number and severity of claims.

Context matters. These statistics will give you a clearer picture of what we're currently facing.


Increase in the average cost per collision claim for insurers between 2021 and 20221


Increase in the number of theft claims in Canada between 2020 and 20222


Increase in the cost per theft claim for insurers between 2021 and 20222


Increase in average cost for car insurance in Quebec in 20233

How to save on my insurance

Bundle your home and car insurance

Save $520 on average per year by bundling your home and car insurance with us.4

Review your existing coverage

Depending on your vehicle’s age and value, you could lower your rate by removing optional coverage you no longer need.

Increase your deductible

In the event of a loss, the higher your deductible, the lower the amount the insurer has to pay, which lowers the cost of your insurance.

Update your annual mileage

Are you driving less often these days? The less you drive, the lower your accident risk. Let us know if you're not driving your vehicle as much - it can lower your insurance rate.

Install an anti-theft device on your vehicle

Car thieves might think twice before stealing a vehicle equipped with an anti-theft device. Your insurance will cost less if there’s a lower risk of theft.

Be a safe driver

Good driving habits lower your accident risk. Your clean driving record can lower your car insurance premium.

Make and model matter

The insurance rate varies according to the type of vehicle you have. We even offer an additional discount if you have a hybrid or electric vehicle.

More questions about the cost of car insurance? We’ve got answers.

Your car insurance rate is calculated every time you request an insurance quote and at every renewal.

Each calculation is customized based on your information on file, including:

  • where you live
  • how you use the vehicle
  • type of vehicle to be insured
  • your credit rating
  • your recent claims or accident history

Other external factors come into play when calculating your car insurance rate, such as the cost of parts and labour, or an increase or decrease in the number of car insurance claims in the province.

There are many reasons why your car insurance rate goes up, including an increase in the average cost of claims or replacement parts, an increase in the average cost of vehicles, labour shortages and inflation, which has driven costs up for the last several years.

Statistics have proven that a person who makes a car insurance claim is more likely to make another one in the following years. When getting a quote or renewing your policy, insurance companies check things like the number of accidents you have on file at the Automobile Claims Database (FCSA) to determine your risk level. The more accidents you have, the higher the risk of being involved in another accident and the more the cost of your insurance is likely to increase.

In Quebec, the average annual cost of car insurance was $897 in 2023, 12.6% higher than in 2022. However, Quebecers still pay less compared to the rest of Canada.

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