Snow removal alerts for your commercial building

Roofs are subjected to extreme weather, whether it be snowfall, rain or sleet, not to mention seasonal freeze and thaw cycles.

Climate change may even accentuate these phenomena.

Commercial buildings, especially those with flat roofs, are more likely to collapse because the snow accumulates more readily on them.

The Consequence$

A roof collapse is not without financial consequence for a company. In fact, the cost of damages resulting from excess snow on the roof can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In 60% of cases, commercial building owners see their daily operations shuttered for four months. The cost of business insurance can also increase in the event of a claim.

Prevention is therefore the best way to protect yourself from damages caused to your building’s roof.

But how?

AI to the Rescue

For commercial building owners, it’s not always easy to know when to remove snow from the roof!

This is where snow and ice monitoring systems come into play.

How do snow and ice monitoring systems work?

Beneva will use AI to monitor in real time the snow load on the roof of your commercial building. This caring technology calculates the risk of a roof collapse. It’s a proactive way of protecting your building (and you!) by sending you an alert when it’s time to act. This will help you better plan your snow removal operations, whether you do them yourself or have them done by professionals.

No device is installed on your roof. This risk assessment is done by AI, which analyzes a number of data sources like weather reports, patterns and history.

The risk is also calculated according to the building’s characteristics:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Type of roof
  • Construction codes
  • Exposure to inclement weather like strong wind

For More

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