Partnering with Beneva as a financial security advisor means growing your business and building relationships. You bring your people skills and talent for communication to the table. We open the door to Quebec’s public sector niche market. Be a part of Beneva's future, it’s your golden opportunity.

Become your own boss

As a self-employed worker, you manage your time, your business, and your strategies.

Put your client-focus to work

Listening, understanding, anticipating, and meeting needs is where your strength lies.

Control your income

Your income is yours to decide. Choose your schedule, the hours you put in and the work-life balance you want.

What role does a financial security advisor play?
You advise and guide

You help your clients map out a tailored plan for their life and health insurance as well as for their investments, always with their financial situation in sight.

In other words, you help them achieve their life goals—from home buying, to wealth management and retirement planning… and everything in between.

You simplify finance

Understanding finance and insurance isn’t for everyone, and being able to translate numbers into plain English is a rare talent. This is an opportunity to use your people skills and share your know-how.

Beneva, the one you want in your corner

Our people are always there for our clients—and our partners too! We play the long game and gear you up for success. We know together is better.

Building skills never gets old

We support you every step of the way until you obtain your licence and gain the knowledge you need. Our team helps you with your business plan, learn the ins and outs of our products and build trust-based relationships with your clients.

A strong network makes things easier

With Beneva, civil servants will see you as the trusted expert they need. That’s our job. Your job is to provide quality service to the customers in your target market. We set the stage by promoting Beneva's values and the added value of choosing you as an advisor.

The income and schedule you choose

Our compensation program gives back to successful advisors and supports those starting out. We value your expertise and strive to keep your talent in our court.

A new teammate powered by 75 years of experience

Beneva is riding high with a people-first approach. We’re rethinking insurance while staying true to our roots and history. Our products and services are well-known and appreciated. Our investment funds are among the best performing worldwide.


Grace, an entrepreneur at heart

Grace is a people person through and through. She loves to connect, build relationships, and lend an ear. An entrepreneur at heart, she wants to start her own business and is looking for a partner who shares her values and who will support her in this adventure.

Our recruiting process
Know what to expect

Think you're ready for your first interview? We’ve mapped out our selection process to help you prepare and excel.

Still have questions? We’re here to answer all of them.

Ready for your new career?