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Hosted by Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, our podcast dives into the daily lives of our guests. And since we know a lot of good people, we're tapping into our network to deliver engaging, refreshing interviews.

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Positive thinking with Mathieu Dufour

Math Duff has been leading his life and career differently ever since he started seeing the glass as half-full. He discusses this with Anne-Élisabeth who then asks Vero Menard, motivational speaker and psychologist : How much do positive thinking tricks help us?



Portrait de Claudie Mercier
Let's talk anxiety with Claudie Mercier

Claudie Mercier has no issue talking about her anxiety disorder. Her tips have piqued Anne-Élisabeth’s curiosity! Simon Coulombe, psychology researcher, joins the discussion with an inspiring treatment approach: positive mental health.