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Professionals share their tips and advice in the new “Ask the experts” podcast, presented by Beneva

January 18, 2024

Quebec City, January 18, 2024 – Beneva presents its new Ask the experts podcast, a show geared to insurance experts and Beneva partners. With a light-hearted tone and original content, this will most definitely attract enquiring minds interested in learning more about the business world and looking for tips and advice about financial services to inspire them in both their personal and professional lives.

Over the course of this seven-episode series, financial advisors, group insurance experts, entrepreneurs and Beneva employees share their expertise on various topics, such as how financial advisors can assist their clients during a period of inflation, or how to prioritize health and well-being within an organization. One episode will deal with how to properly manage an investment property to minimize claims. Another will explain how financial advisors can help maintain life insurance when a client wants to reduce expenses.

“It’s both interesting and enjoyable to listen to experts who join us in discussions aimed at demystifying topics that are often complex. At Beneva, we want to humanize and simplify insurance. Our clients, our partners and our employees are well positioned to do just that! In the image of the company, these podcasts take a friendly, down-to-earth approach that will most certainly be appreciated by our clients and partners as well as the general public,” said Louis-Philippe Roux, Vice-President, Marketing and Commercialization at Beneva.

Episodes are available in French and English. Listen to them on our website or others platforms:
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About Beneva

Created by the coming together of La Capitale and SSQ Insurance, Beneva is the largest insurance mutual in Canada with more than 3.5 million members and clients. Beneva employs over 5,500 dedicated employees: people looking out for people. Its human approach is rooted in the mutualist values supported by its employees. With $25.1 billion in assets, Beneva positions itself as a major player in the insurance and financial services industry. Its head office is located in Quebec City.