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Beneva becomes the first insurer to reimburse the individual self-management support service offered by its partner Relief

September 14, 2023

Quebec City, September 14, 2023 - Beneva is pleased to announce that it is now reimbursing its insureds for the cost of individual self-management support services offered by its partner Relief. Reimbursement can now be claimed under the psychological health care family, when provided for in the group insurance contract. In this way, Beneva focuses on the autonomy and proactivity of its insureds, who can benefit from concrete tools and support to take care of their health and psychological well-being.

"At Beneva, we care about the well-being of our insureds, and we believe in supporting health initiatives in the community," says Éric Trudel, Executive Vice-President and Group Insurance Leader at Beneva. What interests us most about self-management is putting the individual at the center of the solution.

Self-management: putting people at the heart of the solution

Individual support services represent a real step forward in the self-management approach to psychological health issues, with the emphasis on autonomy. Our insureds will have access to concrete tools and support to take care of their health and psychological well-being. They will be able to prevent or reduce their symptoms and optimize their personal and professional life balance.

Helping workplaces

Self-management support has the potential to help organizations, managers and workers take steps to prevent psychological distress and promote the recovery of people living with psychological health difficulties. In doing so, Beneva is positioning itself to broaden access to psychological health care, for the benefit of its customers.

This avenue is also a natural extension of Beneva's philanthropic orientation, which has chosen to prevent anxiety one concrete gesture at a time, its framework program in psychological health and well-being, and its investments in connection with the creation of the Relief Chair in self-management, mental health and the workplace. These initiatives and investments are in line with the insurer's values of benevolence and its desire to offer innovative support solutions to its customers.

Did you know?

People living with anxiety or depression are at high risk of relapse, even with adequate medication or treatment. The relapse rate rises to 20-40% one year after recovery from major depression, and to 24% in the two years following an episode of anxiety disorder. Bipolar disorders, on the other hand, are chronic1. This makes it all the more important to learn to live with them on a daily basis, and self-management is a good way to do so.

Beneva and Relief partnership

Beneva and Relief are partners in the creation of the Relief Research Chair in Mental Health, Self-Management and Work, sponsored by Beneva. The mission of this Chair is to promote the development of scientific knowledge on self-management, mental health and healthy performance at work, with a view to fuelling self-management support practices and fostering the psychological health and well-being of workers and their families.

About Beneva

Created by the coming together of La Capitale and SSQ Insurance, Beneva is the largest insurance mutual in Canada with more than 3.5 million members and customers. Beneva employs over 5,000 dedicated employees: people looking out for people. Its human approach is rooted in mutualist values that are shared by its employees. With $25.1 billion in assets, Beneva positions itself as a major player in the insurance and financial services industry. Its head office is located in Quebec City.

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