Rent insurance solution

Focus on your health without worrying about the rent

Finding your dream apartment is great. Signing a lease knowing you can make rent when life throws you a curve ball is even better.

Rent insurance means that you’ll be able to pay in the event of a disability. A monthly payment will cover your rent until you’re able to get back to work.

In the event of death, the amount is paid to your beneficiary.

What can this coverage include?

Term Life Insurance

If you pass away, term life insurance can be used to provide your loved ones with money to cover the rent for a set period of time. You could also opt for a fixed monthly income to pay rent for 15, 20 or even 25 years.

Disability Income Benefit

If a disability keeps you from working and earning a salary, this coverage can fill the gap.

It provides you with a monthly benefit, so you make your rent payments while taking care of yourself in the comfort of your home. This option is especially interesting for self-employed workers who don’t have access to employer-sponsored insurance, for example.

Keeping your nest and maintaining your family’s well-being is what rent insurance all about. Being able to pay the rent goes a long way to easing the burden.

Wall to wall advantages

  • Maintain your standard of living, and keep building family memories in the home you’ve made for yourself.
  • If your needs change, you can convert your term life insurance into permanent life insurance, for coverage that sticks with you for life.
  • No proof of income or lease will be required for the disability benefit.