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FAQ on our business integration

On January 1, 2023, La Capitale and SSQ Insurance became Beneva.

This means that SSQ Insurance’s documentation and online platforms will gradually take on Beneva’s look and feel.

We’re still here for you. With Beneva, you continue to get the same collaborative approach. And as always, we will see to your interests by continually improving your experience.

Answers to your questions


On January 1, 2023, Beneva became the Insurer. Individual insurance products are Beneva branded. Next up: savings and investment products, followed by disability insurance.

Since January 1, the service provider(s) listed as payee(s) on your bank's website and that of your clients is Beneva. It’s also Beneva that pays your commissions.

Online tools and services

No. The website is your go-to for the following products:

  • Beneva's new life and health insurance offer
  • La Capitale savings and investment products
  • Disability insurance - Pillar Series

Full details on SSQ Insurance’s investment products are available at

  • For all new life and critical illness insurance products, visit the secure life insurance site. It's still branded SSQ Insurance for the time being.
  • For in-force life and critical illness insurance policies issued by SSQ Insurance, visit SSQ Insurance’s secure life insurance site.
  • For in-force life and health insurance policies issued by La Capitale, visit La Capitale’s Advisor Centre.
  • For La Capitale savings and investment products (investment accounts and GICs), visit the Advisor Centre.
  • For SSQ Insurance savings and investment products, visit SSQ Insurance’s secure investment site.

Advisors who were under contract with La Capitale will receive access rights to the life insurance secure site. SSQ Insurance advisors don’t need to take any action.


All new contracts you submit will be issued by Beneva.

In-force SSQ Insurance policies are not affected. Carry on with your business practices, but you’ll notice that forms will gradually take on Beneva's look and feel.

In the case of in-force La Capitale policies, use the new Beneva illustration software to provide quotes. If you need to make changes to in-force policies, you must use La Capitale forms.

You can find all our forms in the Beneva Document Centre.

We have two user-friendly electronic applications. Simply use the one you need based on the following product categories:

  • Term life, permanent life and critical illness insurance with all their riders
  • Simplified issue and guaranteed issue life insurance

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Beneva will continue to use SSQ Insurance’s illustration software for life and critical illness insurance. The software is being rebranded to Beneva, but the navigation experience remains the same.

You don’t need a username for this software You only need to create a password the first time you log in.

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Claims will be processed as usual.

For claims on in-force SSQ Insurance policies, use the Beneva claims forms.

For claims on in-force La Capitale policies, use the La Capitale claims forms.

You can find all our forms in the Beneva Document Centre.

Yes, all points of contact remain the same. We’re still here to support you and answer your questions.

Savings and Investments

There are no changes to in-force savings and investment contracts. The company that issues these contracts remains La Capitale Civil Service Insurer.

New contracts will continue to be issued by La Capitale Civil Service Insurer, the same insurance company with which you are currently doing business.

Yes, all points of contact remain the same. We’re still here to support you and answer your questions.

Your access rights, codes, usernames and passwords remain the same.

You carry on as before. The insurance and financial services operations of the two companies remain separate for now.

No. The procedure to amend client contracts hasn't changed. The same company issues the contract, and the same teams look after transactions and partner support.