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FAQ on our business integration

La Capitale and SSQ Insurance are now Beneva.

The migration of our digital environments is almost done. And our documents will soon all have the Beneva look and feel.

Our goal remains fostering a strong collaborative approach, and as always, we will see to your interests by continually improving your experience.

Answers to your questions


As of January 2024, La Capitale Financial Security becomes Beneva. The documentation will gradually transition to Beneva's image.

Online tools and services

Yes. Your go-to site is now From there, you will be redirected to the right business platform.

  • Beneva's life and health insurance offer
  • Beneva’s new savings and investment products
  • Disability insurance - Pillar Series

Single log in

When you create a Beneva account, you can access all our online services and tools in one place, whether it’s the La Capitale Advisor Centre, secure investment site, secure life insurance site or e-proposals.

It’s no longer possible to directly log in to each of our online services and tools. If you do attempt it, you’ll be automatically redirected to your Beneva account log in page.

For investments

To streamline your digital experience, all the information you need to manage our savings and investment products has been centralized in one place.

Since October 10, most of the information you need is available on the secure investment site.

Under the sections Managing your clients and Investment Statement, you'll find your history of transactions, which is equivalent of the history of annual and semi-annual statements in the La Capitale Advisor Centre.

The Investment Statement section also includes:

  • Investment summary
  • Investment details
  • Performance history

For advisors who are not on Fundserv

Your commission statements for business concluded SINCE October 10 will also be available on the secure investment site.

However, your commissions history for business concluded BEFORE October 10 will only be available in the La Capitale Advisor Centre.

Our teams are working hard on the new Beneva Advisor Centre. This is a complex process, and we greatly appreciate your patience and support.

Pilar Series disability insurance

For new and in force disability insurance policies issued by La Capitale Financial Security, visit La Capitale's Advisor Centre.


New life and critical illness insurance contracts are issued by Beneva.

Pilar Series disability insurance contracts will continue to be issued by La Capitale Financial Security Insurance Company for a short period of time. Starting in January 2024, the documentation will gradually transition to Beneva's image. Communications that are not yet in Beneva colors will be accompanied by inserts to remind customers of the changes in progress.

No. Beneva honours all La Capitale (including La Capitale Financial Security) and SSQ Insurance contracts. Your customers therefore continue to benefit from the same coverage for their current contracts and products.

We have two types of user-friendly electronic applications. Simply use the one you need based on the following product categories:

  • Term life, permanent life, universal life, critical illness and disability insurance with their riders
  • Simplified issue and guaranteed issue life insurance

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Beneva will continue to use SSQ Insurance’s illustration software for life and critical illness insurance. The software is being rebranded to Beneva, but the navigation experience remains the same.

For Pilar Series disability insurance, the illustration software continues being La Capitale Financial Security.

You don’t need a username for this software. You only need to create a password the first time you log in.

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Claims will be processed as usual.

For claims on in-force SSQ Insurance policies, use the Beneva claims forms.

For claims on in-force La Capitale policies, use the La Capitale claims forms.

You can find all our forms in the Beneva Document Centre.

Yes, all points of contact remain the same. We’re still here to support you and answer your questions.

Savings and Investments

Aside from the fact that Beneva is now the insurer, there are no changes to in-force savings and investment contracts

New contracts are issued by Beneva.

Yes, all points of contact remain the same. We’re still here to support you and answer your questions.

Your access rights, codes, usernames and passwords remain the same.

The following trading transaction hours now apply to new and existing investment account contracts:

Paper transaction requests received before 2:00 p.m. (ET) will now be processed using the unit value in effect that day. If received after 2:00 p.m. (ET), the unit value in effect the following day will apply. For electronic transaction requests, the cut- off time remains unchanged at 4:00 p.m. (ET).

The delivery of new account contracts must now be done in person or by email (PDF format). Contracts will no longer be mailed to clients.