5 tips to get you moving

Un homme court dans un bois

Lack of time, stress, fatigue... All great excuses to avoid working out. What if the tables are turned and these excuses became sources of motivation instead? Time for yourself, peace of mind, energy, all strong reasons to get moving! Cross your own finish line with these five tips as your guide.

At the start gate, leave discouragement in your dust, bring on the applause and jump for joy. Everything starts in 5, 4, 3... GO!

Stop! Before you hit the ground running…

Note to self: you don’t have to be a high performance athlete to reap all the benefits of physical activity. Just 15 to 30 minutes of effort a day will do. That being said, if you want to exercise even longer and are enjoying it, go for it!

Above all, respect yourself if you want to stay on track.

1. Your objectives: kick things into high gear

An objective is simply a goal to be achieved. For you, it could be increasing your energy level or physical strength, improving your quality of life, reducing your stress or, why not, making time for yourself. Oh!  Infamous time...

Take some to reflect on your ambitions and answer this question honestly: Why am I exercising? You know, there are no wrong answers. And the best part? They’re all yours.

Take your abilities and desires into consideration (for example, if you’ve never been a runner, you won’t turn into Andre De Grasse overnight). So, think about what you like, what you’re good at and what you need. Enjoy achieving the training goals you set. By the way, about that, do you know what you like?

2. Your training type: packs a punch

Moving does the body good. If you love moving, all the better! So, choose a training type that's up your alley, that suits you... that stimulates you. Exercise can be motivating, especially if you do it in a setting you enjoy or at a time of day that works for you.

If you’re interested in several sports or several types of physical activity, why not try more than one? There really is an endless selection to choose from. In addition, you’ll achieve your goal easier by avoiding dreaded boredom.

The key is to have fun and, above all, be conscious of how your movements benefit both your body and mind.

3. Your equipment: take it to the next level

The weekly flyer has the latest treadmill, a 4-in-1 yoga mat (maybe too much, right?), adjustable dumbbells... You wonder if they'd help you or if you'd even use them. The decision is yours but one thing's for sure... your equipment could stay pretty basic.

It all really depends on your training type. You certainly don’t need the newest gadget to take a walk in the woods, swim a few laps in the pool or attend a Pilates class. Nope, only your legs, arms and energy required!

All you need is a solid dose of willpower, a few accessories (if needed and if you feel like it) and you’re good to go. Nothing beats a good mood to kick things into high gear. That and a bit of guts will lead you to glory!

4. Your determination: don’t give up

Your trump card: determination. Fully embrace this time you’re taking for yourself. Listen to music while walking, biking or jogging. Find an exercise buddy or join a training group. You know what they say: the more the merrier!

Use your willpower to push through adversity. Now is the time to rethink your original goals. Switch things up while keeping them in mind. Improved mood, vitality, quality of life, increased ability to concentrate, reduced stress... the list goes on. Your determination will take you far, trust it.

5. Your body: never sideline it

And what about your body? You have to listen to it and respect it. To stay super stimulated, you may need a little push from time to time or even... a little kick in the butt. Nevertheless, always reserve the right to put on the brakes if necessary.

Moving helps you improve your posture, relieve muscle tension and develop your sense of balance. In short, only positive things for your body. A healthy mind in a healthy body, so they say.

Feeling motivated yet?

Most importantly, don’t throw in the towel

Moving is a sport. It requires a little bit of planning. So, add your get moving sessions to the calendar. Planning these interludes will make you feel good. You deserve it.

Reflect on your goals, rethink how you get up and go and let your determination be your guide. Your body will support you and when it’s not feeling up to it you can return the favour.

Get things moving and reach that finish line!

Ready... Set... GO!