Protect your commercial buildings from rodents

Une édifice de travail

Fall is a very busy season for rodent exterminators. When the weather gets colder, we truly appreciate the warm comfort of our homes. Unfortunately, so do rats, mice, field mice and squirrels. After spending the summer outdoors, these little animals are also looking for a warm home to spend the winter.

They can easily infiltrate houses, but also condos, and commercial and industrial buildings. A mouse can get into your home through a hole the size of a dime!

Having rodents in your buildings are a cause for concern, especially if they impact your business activities.

So how do you avoid resorting to exterminating the rodents in your building?

City rats and field rats

Think you’re safe form rodents because your business is located in the city? Nothing could be further from the truth!

An invasion of rats, mice, field mice or squirrels can occur anywhere, both in rural and urban areas. City rats are in fact larger than field rats...just one more reason why you don’t want them around!

How do you know if there are rodents in your building?

You could find many signs that would indicate the presence of rodents in the walls of your building. Remain vigilant, because these little critters really know how to hide in the shadows.

Some tell-tale signs:

  • Bite marks
  • Droppings
  • Tiny trails
  • Holes near access areas
  • Foul odours
  • Unusual sounds, such as scratching

Rodents are adept at finding any breaches to enter the building. They’re looking for warm and cozy places to nest. They target insulation material, filters and ducts used for ventilation, heating or air conditioning.

Keep an eye on your vehicles or equipment stored outside. Rats, squirrels and field mice can settle inside vehicles or trailers that are seldom used.

What are the consequences of a rodent invasion for your business?

The presence of rats, mice or field mice in your commercial building can have severe consequences. These small animals can wreak havoc behind walls, destroying covering or damaging cables or insulation material.

Rodents can also damage items in the open such as furniture and merchandise, especially if they are not properly stored.

If clients or visitors happen to spot rodents in your office, store or restaurant, they will have serious doubts about how clean your place of business is. The same applies to condo buildings. You will have a difficult time changing the minds of the condo owners after they have spotted rodents.

What’s more, rodents, especially rats, can represent a risk to the health and safety of your employees, clients or condo owners. They are infamous for spreading bacteria and disease.

Your commercial vehicles are not safe from the rodent invasion either, whether they are parked outside or in a garage. Squirrels can do a lot of damage under the hood. It’s an ideal place to build their nest since it’s warm and filled with materials they can gnaw on to sharpen their teeth.

What does your insurer say about rodent extermination?

The damage caused to a building or vehicle by wild animals or insects is typically not covered by insurers. This includes damage caused by a rodent invasion.

That’s why we insist on the importance of preventing animal infestations in your buildings. By taking preventive measures, you will reduce the risk of having to use the services of a rodent exterminator.

How to prevent rodent infestations in your place of business

Here are a few simple measures you can take so you don't have to call in a rodent exterminator.

  • Regularly inspect your buildings and vehicles.
    Identify potential openings that rodents can exploit to get in and block them immediately.
  • Have a plan to combat rodent invasion.
    Use techniques and products that repel rodents in the most high-risk areas. For assistance, contact experts in parasite management in your area.
  • Store your vehicles in safe areas.
    Try not to leave your seldom used trailers or equipment in areas where vegetation grows in abundance. Rodents love to take refuge in such places.
  • Install traps farther away to lure rodents away.
    Choose a location far from your buildings and vehicles, where they can’t do much damage.
  • Manage your waste efficiently.
    Use waterproof and covered containers, ideally made of steel. Most importantly, don’t leave any food waste in your vehicles or buildings.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Managing a rodent extermination in your business can set you back significantly and cause a loss of income. And we’re sure you have better things to do with your time!

You can’t completely eliminate the risk of a rodent invasion in your buildings, but by protecting yourself adequately, you can reduce that risk significantly.