10 reasons to work for Beneva

We’ll get right to the point and give you objective facts to convince you that it would be an excellent idea for you to make your career with Beneva.

1. We’re good people

It’s not a coincidence that the word “Beneva” is similar to the term “benevolence.” We’re about solidarity, well-being, teamwork and, above all, people.

2. We offer hybrid work

Work-life balance is sometimes easier when teleworking. But there's nothing like meeting your colleagues face-to-face at the office. We've adopted a hybrid work model to have the best of both worlds. We want to become as flexible as ninjas or yoga buffs.

3. We stand out in the market

If all you needed to live on was love, that would be great but in the real world you need a good salary, annual bonuses, vacation time, health, dental and vision care insurance, life insurance and a pension plan, all of which we offer. In addition, the workplace environment and culture is A1!

4. We invest in the community

It’s amazing how many events we sponsor and charities we contribute to. Helping others gives us a little happiness every day.

5. We’re on the cutting edge

Our equipment and technological environment is modern and collaborative. People who miss typewriters and dial telephones can use them as paperweights...except that we don’t use much paper!

6. For us, inclusiveness is more than a buzz word

Being open to others and their differences, whether it’s their age, origin, appearance, etc. is a given for us.

7. We have an open-door (and open-ear) policy

Everyone can easily talk to a member of their team: Ideas, projects, innovation or just a little chat over coffee are all welcome at Beneva.

8. Beneva is growing

This means the opportunities to advance your career are growing as well, all across the country. Depending on your ambition, anything is possible: You could even end up becoming president if you want (but not too fast, please, we really like the guy we have!)

9. We have bee hives and honey

On several of our roofs, thousands of our beehive “employees” have produced more than 180 kilos of honey since 2013. We sell it pots, we enjoy it and we contribute the proceeds to a good cause. What more could you ask?

10. Never a dull moment

As with the beehives, things are really humming at Beneva. Work, obviously, but also sporting challenges, training, and other events. From year-end parties to picnics, you can easily fill your social calendar, if you wish.

We’ll stop at 10 good reasons but you’ll discover 990 more if you join our team!