Social network netiquette

Last update : 2022-07-19

Netiquette refers to the rules of conduct and courtesy applicable to users on the internet in general and social media in particular. With online sharing and collaboration comes responsibility!

Some rules to follow

  • Respect applies in all communications.
  • No content (statements, images, posts and comments) that may be perceived as offensive, discriminatory, obscene, disparaging, hateful, harassing, defamatory or insulting is tolerated.
  • No content deemed prejudicial to our customers, employees or business partners is tolerated.
  • No personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses or private conversations is tolerated.
  • No unrelated, confusing, overly long or repetitive comments are tolerated.
  • Advertisements, promotions or solicitations of any kind are systematically deleted.
  • Anonymous content is systematically deleted.
  • Content containing a call to action is systematically deleted.


Key considerations

  • Beneva cannot be held responsible for content or opinions conveyed by users on its social media platforms. Only the authors can be held accountable for their comments.
  • Beneva reserves the right to ignore or delete any comment. Authors of such content could have their access to Beneva’s social media platforms revoked without notice.
  • Beneva reserves the right to make changes to its netiquette at any time without notice.

If you witness a situation that does not respect the guidelines outlined here and that should be handled by Beneva, do not write a comment. Instead, email the webmaster at: [email protected]

Follow these rules to make online interactions enjoyable for everyone!