Support payment insurance solution

Protecting family income for your children

Separation is hard enough. And when child support comes into play, it can also be complicated. Fortunately, there is a way to protect yourself from life’s hurdles and give the means to take care of your children.

This solution covers the support payment amount so you can ensure your children's standard of living in the event of death or disability.

The elements of support payment insurance

Term Life Insurance

We will offer you term life insurance, so you can leave your family an amount of money to ensure financial stability in the event of your death.

Disability Income Benefit

If a disability keeps you from working and earning a salary, this coverage can fill the gap. It helps you provide for your family while you take care of yourself with the help of a monthly benefit. This option is especially interesting for parents who are self-employed and don’t have employer-sponsored insurance, for example.

Your children’s well-being and happiness always come first. This insurance solution ensures your children are taken care of when you can no longer do so.