Micro weddings, the latest trend

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Your sweetheart popped the question and you said yes? Congrats! You’ll have to get cracking asap, because it’s better to prepare for the big day way in advance. But there’s just one catch...you’re on a tight budget. So how then can you have that ceremony you always dreamt of? Fear not, there’s a way. Ever heard of a micro wedding?

Micro wedding: definition

A micro marriage is an intimate affair. It usually includes less than 30 guests and costs much less than a traditional wedding. It’s a pared down version, but provides just as much joy, surprises and even some traditions, if that’s what you’re going for. This new format appears to have surfaced when restrictions were imposed during the pandemic, and gained more popularity through word of mouth.

There are so many benefits to a micro wedding, both before and during the big day. That means less stress and fatigue for you. And also, more time.

More time for you to think about and organize the day’s events. More time to enjoy the moment with your family, friends and witnesses, those nearest and dearest to you who you choose to have by your side on this special occasion.

Picking your location

The first question you’re likely to ask yourself is where you will get married. You already know who you’re marrying (ha ha)! You may even have set a date. And since vows are being exchanged, may as well infuse some originality. Like picking a destination rather than a location. Much easier to accomplish when the guest list is smaller. Allow us to explain.

Do you like the outdoors? Then rent a barn and set it up for a chic and rural wedding. More of a city person? Rent a rooftop just for you and your guests. A mountain you say? Then what about renting a log cabin with all your guests for a long weekend! Any why not a snowy winter wedding? Or a beach? Bring along a privileged few to spend a week basking in the sun, feet buried in the sand. It’s a nice way to make lasting memories of your festive day.

You can also consider celebrating in your garden, or your parents’. Be sure to include a tent in case of bad weather. Offer your guests a buffet rather than a 5-course meal. Another option could be a food truck that’s adapted to the theme of your wedding. Ideal for serving colourful cocktails or decadent desserts. With a cocooning style picnic, and a lot of pillows and blankets spread across the ground. In short, find a fun outdoor formula that works for you, there are so many options to choose from!

Symbolic location

Hold the wedding in your favourite restaurant! Or where you had your first date, or first kiss. Where your sweetheart proposed.

The point is for the location to provide the atmosphere you’re looking for, ideally one that’s welcoming, warm and friendly. A location that reflects who you are. Regardless, those who love you will follow you anywhere!

The ceremony

Religious ceremony or not? That’s a decision to be made by the special couple. Some couples with different religions may opt for a neutral ceremony, led by one of the guests. Stay true to your beliefs and values. This way, your wishes will be a reflection of your love, and that’s what people will remember.

And while we’re at it, when it comes to wishes, you shouldn’t feel any pressure whatsoever. If you’re not comfortable making public declarations and you’re more reserved, keep it short. If we’re being honest, letting your heart do the talking is the key to success in this scenario. If, by contrast, you’re an extrovert, then go all out. And not just emotionally. A touch of comedy will go a long way in lightening the mood. After all, a wedding is supposed to be fun!

Some braver couples exchange their vows in parachutes, on mountain tops, at the bottom of an aquarium or in a hot air balloon, but you can choose a location that’s nearly as unusual, like a vineyard or a fair. It’s your day, you should do what you want!

Unforgettable event

Obviously, your micro wedding, as intimate as it is, will remain forever etched in your memory. But what can you do for this romantic and extremely personal day to become an unforgettable experience for your guests, too? Here’s a tip...surprise them, dazzle them, amuse them!

Here are a few ideas:

  • Go on a boat ride in the afternoon
  • Release lanterns into the night sky
  • Go to a swing dancing show, followed by a beginners’ course
  • Perform a spiritual ritual
  • Perform a traditional dance from your country of origin
  • Get a campfire going and roast marshmallows
  • Organize karaoke (but please, not too long)
  • Include wine tasting
  • Rent a photo booth with costume options (hats, glasses, jewelry, etc)
  • Include a piñata or cotton candy machine
Fun game

A few weeks before the big day, ask your guests to provide photos of themselves at ages 2-5, then during the wedding, have them try to identify who’s who in the photos. People love fun activities!

Have a knack for writing songs? Change the lyrics of popular songs and include names of your guests. A personalized tribute is sure to make them smile.

Another crazy idea: Leave disposable cameras lying around and collect them at the end of the evening. You're guaranteed to find the most unlikely photos and unforgettable souvenirs. Especially if children get their hands on the cameras!

The budget

The goal of a micro wedding is also to save on expenses. When parents who have the means are helping to pay for the wedding, all’s well. On the other hand, if the young couple has to dip deep into their savings, here are a few tips and tricks that could help save some money.

  • Decoration - Decorate the location yourself, with the help of friends or family. We all know someone who’s passionate about decorating. Helping out will be their pleasure! Don’t forget to thank them in front of the guests later.
  • Music - Put together a list of your favourites and cut out the DJ thanks to a great playlist. Want to hear your guests exclaim “That’s my song!” as they hit the dance floor? Ask guests for their top 5 beforehand. This way, everyone’s happy, and everyone dances!
  • Hair and makeup - Find an expert in your social circle or online, or hire a student.
  • Dress - Skim through Pinterest to get inspired and order the dress of your dreams online. Buy a used one on clothing sites, or rent one...why not! What counts is that you look and feel great in it. Same applies to the groom.
  • Ceremony - The choice of the celebrant is an important one. Discuss it with those around you. Perhaps a loved one would be willing to take on this role. And if they’ve got a sense of humour, that’s even better!
  • Reception - You don’t always have to spend a fortune to offer your guests a lovely meal. Shop around for caterers. Or find apprentices in the field.
  • Photographer - Check Facebook pages dedicated to photography. You’ll find all kinds of talent at various price ranges. Check out their portfolios, dig deep.

Now that you know how to save, you’ll be able to focus on organizing your micro wedding and target your expenses. Think simple, authentic, friendly. Flexibility.

Having a great time may have been the only trend in the past, but things have changed.

Getting married means becoming a couple and changing your social status. So take this time to go over your insurance coverages such as your life, health or disability insurance. Moving forward, you’re no longer alone. And nobody is immune to accidents or critical illness. Try to look ahead and reduce your financial stress through the many programs offered by Beneva. Determine your insurance needs with your advisor and find the best options for you together.

Above all, have fun! Remember that anything goes on that day: eat all the cake you want, sing out loud, dance all night, spoil yourself and let yourself be spoiled. It’s up to you to turn your micro marriage into a mega party, one full of memories. Say, what about the honeymoon? Any plans?