6 solutions for sedentary work

Sedentary work may be an issue for your company. If your employees are working 35 to 40 hours a week in a sitting position, they are at a higher risk of developing health problems. We would like to make some proposals on how to keep your team active and healthy, since sedentary behaviour is becoming more widespread.

What are the consequences of sedentary work for your employees?

Many health problems can be caused by a lack of exercise. If your employees aren’t physically active during the day, they are at a higher risk of developing disorders such as diabetes or cardiovascular problems. That’s why it’s wise to encourage your team to adopt healthy lifestyle habits.

How can you promote physical activity in your workplace?

There is an array of useful ideas that can be integrated into your employees’ routine to get them active. Suggest activities they can do during the workday or after office hours. Adapt the work so that some duties can be performed in a more active way.

1. Organize active meetings

Plan active meetings inside and outside your workplace. You and your team members can have your discussions while being physically active.

2. Schedule stretching breaks

Add stretching breaks to encourage employees to be more active. These breaks also prevent injuries such as back problems. Put aside 10 minutes in the afternoon to stretch your legs with your team.

3. Promote active commuting

Active commuting such as walking or cycling is a healthy choice for employees who live near the workplace. Combining physical exercise and commuting is fun and also good for the environment!

4. Post the addresses of nearby gyms

List gyms that are located near your workplace on your company’s intranet. Your employees could go to one of these facilities before or after their workday.

5. Develop a walking circuit

Develop a path inside or outside the building to encourage your team to be more active. Doing so also helps to bond the team. You can walk together and chat.

6. Provide adjustable desks

Install adjustable desks to allow your employees to work either seated or standing. This type of equipment promotes both optimal working conditions and the health of your team members. It’s a little change that makes a big difference!

How do you create an active and healthy work environment?

You need to introduce a healthy work environment that reflects workplace health and wellness values for these proposals to be adopted in your workplace. Programs must be designed to take into account the physical condition of everyone so that all employees can easily participate in them. Organize an awareness campaign to promote healthy lifestyle habits in the office. Make the necessary resources and time available so that employees can integrate these proposals for an active lifestyle into their daily routine.

What are the benefits of an active lifestyle for your company?

When you weigh the pros and cons of making healthy organizational changes, you’ll see that the scale tips in favour of the pros. By promoting your employees’ good health, you are also supporting the health of your organization. A healthy team performs better and doesn’t miss work!