Beneva, THE employer of choice!

Une employée de Beneva

From its inception, Beneva decided to focus on human values in order to treat its people well. From caring lAt Beneva, we’ve always known that the success of the company relies on the happiness of its employees. That’s why we implemented programs and took concrete actions that allow all our staff members to reach their full potential. And it works! We’re proud to see our teams flourish and work toward the same goal. People showing up to work in the morning with smiles on their faces is the norm for us (yes, even on Mondays!). That’s how you build a healthy environment in which everyone has a part to play. eaders to unmatched benefits, we offer a dynamic environment for a fulfilling career.

A caring culture

The concept of being caring has gained a lot of popularity the last few years, and rightfully so. People, just like businesses, have everything to gain by demonstrating kindness on a daily basis. But what exactly is kindness in the workplace? It’s all about taking care of your teams as they work on the projects assigned to them. It’s about providing a safe environment, both physically and mentally. It may seem simplistic, but it requires significant commitment from upper management for such a value to set in. Fortunately for us, this commitment has been there from the very beginning.

At Beneva, when it comes to our decisions and operations, we put people first. We make sure our teams have the tools they need and are well supported. Above all, however, we listen to what they have to say. Better still, we made being caring one of the company’s pillars. When we say we’re people protecting people, we mean it. Our people are at the heart of everything we do. 

What drives kindness is communication. Beneva promotes open, multi-directional communication that encourages the sharing of information in a transparent manner. Feedback is a precious tool we use to improve existing processes. This way, everyone can contribute to make Beneva a more caring, efficient and productive company. By focusing on being thoughtful and engaging in dialogue, we’re creating an open and inclusive corporate culture. And that’s good news for everyone!

A single career, limitless possibilities

We want our employees to grow with us, so we make sure we provide them with all they need to achieve their ambitions. Our large company offers many possibilities in various fields. This way, our employees can work in areas that they truly love! Insurance, actuarial, administration, marketing or IT...there’s something for everyone. Another benefit of working with us is the opportunity to take part in major internal projects. When it comes to transformation projects, there’s no shortage at Beneva! It provides the perfect opportunity to further your knowledge about the company and gain experience.

We have over 5,000 employees, and Beneva is proud to celebrate the differences of each member. Here, we value different points of view and all ideas are welcome. The sense of belonging thrives here because everyone knows that their contribution matters. You should also know that at Beneva, we strongly encourage internal mobility.

Every company faces challenges. But to face them in remarkably caring and motivating conditions is not as common. At Beneva, you’ll get the chance to find the field that suits you best. You’ll also get a salary that is more than competitive and exceptional social benefits.

A work environment modelled after you

A caring company cares for the well-being of its staff. At Beneva, this means a friendly professional environment in which everyone can thrive. We also adopted the hybrid work mode to offer a better work-life balance. This flexibility allows everyone to go at their own pace and save precious time when required.

Our modern offices were created to foster teamwork and creativity. We focus on lighting, ergonomics and a set-up that promotes dialogue. Work from home sometimes? Not a problem. We can help you pay for your own ergonomic setup at home. Our employees even have the option of working from the US or elsewhere in Canada for up to four weeks a year.

Respect is also a focal Beneva value. It guides all our interactions, both with our clients and partners. But respect really comes through in our concrete efforts to take care of the environment. Beneva also supports several major social causes.

We take care of our own

Beneva invests heavily in the health of its employees. People’s physical and mental health are vitally important. In addition to offering unmatched medical benefits, like telemedicine, for example, we really encourage our people to take care of themselves. We have a team dedicated to health and well-being and they work tirelessly toward improving employee health.

One of the first things we did was to develop a mental health prevention strategy. Stress, anxiety, fatigue or a heavy workload can affect psychological health. We have therefore implemented a two-step strategy. First, we aim to reinforce protective measures. Self-esteem, job security, a sense of belonging, clear responsibilities and caring leaders all contribute to protecting people on a daily basis. We then do all that we can to reduce risk factors. This includes work intensity, emotional requirements, the lack of autonomy, conflicts, etc. The success of these two aspects depends on raising awareness, education and support. By openly discussing mental health, the taboos tend to dissipate.

In addition to promoting good mental health, Beneva offers a wide-ranging vacation bank. Whether it’s to recover from an illness or look after a family member, you can be away from the office to take care of your own. We also encourage our employees to use all their vacation time to recharge their batteries. Disconnecting is important for our mental health.

It goes beyond salary

More proof that at Beneva, we walk the talk: following the union of La Capitale and SSQ Insurance, we wanted to strategically position ourselves in the industry. We therefore adjusted salaries for a large number of positions. We also increased participation plans which are based on the company’s results. With this competitive compensation package, Beneva is well-positioned as an employee of choice in the industry.

We offer a generous vacation bank right from the beginning, which obviously grows over time. We encourage group and alternative methods of transportation through our commuting allowance. In a highly competitive time characterized by labour shortages, Beneva makes sure it strategically positions its salary structure by offering social benefits that go well beyond a basic salary, and are better than current employment offers on the market.

Since its foundation, Beneva has always opted to put people first in everything it does. This results in a caring culture that guides all our decisions. We provide a healthy and open environment, the chance to embark on an enriching career and working conditions that go beyond a desirable salary. We’re people looking out for people. And our employees are at the top of the list.