The financial security advisor you’re looking for no longer has a distribution agreement with us.

Rest assured! This changes nothing for you. We take over your file and will continue to ensure the same service as you had before. You only have to get in touch with us so our good people can look after yours.

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It’s official!

New name, same caring approach rooted in mutualism that reflects who we are: people protecting people.

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Jean-François Chalifoux:

[00:00:00] The insurance world is changing and presenting us with new challenges. To meet these challenges and continue providing you with even better services, La Capitale and SSQ Insurance joined forces as equals to create Beneva.

[00:00:15] Even though Beneva is brand new, it's solidly rooted in over 75 years of mutualist company traditions. It has nurtured the ideals of the people who joined forces and who together have used their ingenuity to overcome life's trials and tribulations.

[00:00:33] These ideals have shaped us as an insurer and continue to inspire us. We look out for our people and provide them with the support they need at each stage of their lives. We protect them and their loved ones, and we protect their property.

[00:00:51] But at Beneva we always want to do better. We want insurance to focus on people. We want to make it simpler, more accessible and better tailored to your needs. To do this, Beneva has over 5,000 employees committed to providing you with a customer experience that is personalized, friendly, attentive and, above all, caring. Welcome to the Beneva family.

Why join forces?

Stronger together, for you

For us to reach our ambition of offering the best insurance experience in Canada based on unparalleled simplicity.

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An insurance industry leader

With Beneva, you get the expertise of people dedicated to insuring people for over 75 years.

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Better customer experience

By joining forces, we can kick our digital transformation into overdrive and enhance our product offering.

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A complete offer

By joining forces, we can offer a complete range of products to meet all your insurance and investment needs.

Got questions? We’ve got answers!

We’re always there to give you an answer. Call us at 1 800 268-2835 or write us at [email protected].

Nothing changes. Beneva respects all La Capitale Financial Security contracts in effect. You therefore keep all the same products and coverage until your renewal. At that time, it will be possible to make changes to your contract.

No. Your payments will be made the same way as before. However, you will notice that the name(s) of suppliers entered on your bank statement will change to Beneva.

Yes. You will continue to receive your benefits as there is no change to your insurance contract. However, you will notice that the name(s) of suppliers entered on your bank statement will change to Beneva.

To make a claim, contact our customer service and one of our agents will handle your claim.

Call us at 1 800 268-2835 or write us at [email protected].

To continue offering you the best customer service experience, we’ve been making the transition from La Capitale Financial Security to Beneva step by step. Our documentation will slowly change to Beneva throughout the year. It is therefore possible, depending on your situation, that your annual statements or your contract-related documents will still show the name and colours of La Capitale Financial Security.